On the slim side and want to have a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) to add shape and volume to your behind? The good news is, there are ways to give you the butt you desire even if you don’t naturally have much fat.

To be a good candidate for BBL cosmetic surgery you need to have enough fat for a successful fat transfer. This can be a struggle for those with a naturally thin body shape and don’t experience much fluctuations in body fat.

Weight gain and strategic fat grafting

At Cosmos Aesthetics, we advise those with not enough fat for the liposuction component of the procedure to put on 5 kilos of body fat prior to the BBL surgery. If the patient struggles to gain weight, the doctor will reassess where there is some excess fat from various areas of the body.

Some common areas for fat grafting on skinnier patients include the lower back, love handles, arms, inner thighs and abdomen. This helps to provide some contouring benefits and is ideal for those girls who desire a Enhanced or Full look.

In many cases, a combination of weight gain and strategic fat grafting will be required by the cosmetic practitioners to perform the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery optimally.

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Healthy weight gain tips for your BBL procedure

If you don’t have much fat and are looking to undergo liposuction and butt augmentation, you may be advised to put on weight for the procedure to be successful.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should be frequently visiting McDonald’s drive-thru, binging on ice-cream or indulging in your favourite treats.

For your own health and well-being long term, it is recommended you gain extra fat in a healthy manner. Not only will this be achievable, but it also won’t lead to unhealthy habits and side effects of eating poor quality food like fatigue, bloating, headaches, skin issues and mood swings just to name a few.

Here are a few tips to help you gain weight ready for your buttock augmentation.

  1. Consume quality protein with each meal and snack. Quality protein sources include red meat, poultry, tinned tuna, eggs, Greek yoghurt, cheese, raw nuts, hummus, quinoa and peanut butter.
  2. If you can’t consume enough protein from whole food sources, try a quality protein powder. You can add this to smoothies, make pancakes, put in baking or simply drink in a shake on the go. Some of our favourite nutritionally balanced protein powders include 180 Nutrition Protein Superfoods, Healthy Chef Pea Protein, Nuzest Clean Lean Protein or Amazonia Raw.
  3. Increase your intake of healthy fats such as avocado, coconut, dairy, nuts and seeds to increase your daily caloric intake.
  4. Avoid drinking water within 30minutes of your meal or snack as this will make you feel fuller and cause you to eat less.
  5. Speed up your eating so that you consume enough calories in time before your brain registers you’re full. If you’re not looking to gain weight or want to maintain a healthy weight eating slowly and mindfully is a great strategy.
  6. Choose calorie-dense, yet nutritious, snacks when on the go. Some great options include Medjool dates, hard-boiled eggs, bananas, avocado, coconut yoghurt, Carmen’s original Fruit-free muesli bar, rice crackers and dark chocolate.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift and to determine the best approach for your body shape, contact the team at Cosmos Clinic on 1300-138-797 or at [email protected].