Did you catch Dr Joseph Ajaka on Channel 7’s The Morning Show?

Dr Joseph Ajaka talks with The Morning Show hosts, Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur, about the rise in popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The interview was sparked after Kylie and Larry discovered Romanian Instagram influencer Andrea Vasile who makes up to $5,000 per post thanks to her curvaceous derriere.

Instagram influencer Andrea Vasile

Instagram influencer Andrea Vasile | The Morning Show

“The former web designer turned Instagram model posts photos of her derriere for her three million followers, cashing in a whopping $2 million last year”, says Larry.

Kylie continues to explain the BBL cosmetic surgery trend clearly isn’t stopping anytime soon and is largely fueled by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj.

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Dr Ajaka talks BBL's on The Morning Show

Dr Ajaka talks BBL’s and cosmetic trends on The Morning Show

Dr Ajaka explains the BBL trend

“We have two groups of people who are getting this surgery done – Instagram models who are making a lot of money out of this, like this Romanian influencer, and mums and older women who just want to look better in a tight dress,” explains Dr Joseph.

One of the reasons the BBL surgery is popular among Instagram models is that they’re seeking versatility. In his interview on The Morning Show, Dr Joseph explains there are so many different angles that can be taken of a large, curvaceous buttocks.

“With your breasts, there is only one set of photos you can really take for Instagram. So, it’s all about the different photos you can take with a big bum.”

“The other group of people coming through are the mums and older ladies over 60 who just want to look better in a dress”, explains Dr Joseph.

Women who have smaller, flat bottoms or one that has sagged with age are drawn to the BBL procedure to help them feel feminine in a tight dress. They’re not looking for an outrageously large buttock or one as voluminous Instagram influencer Andrea Vasile. As Dr Joseph explains, they’re just want to feel more confident in dresses.

“I call it shapeshifting”, says Dr Ajaka

In The Morning Show interview, Dr Joseph touches on the specifics of the BBL procedure, explaining it is quite involved with patients unable to sit normally for two weeks post-surgery.

The BBL surgery involves taking fat from different areas of the body, including the tummy, love handles, lower back and sometimes even the ankles and calves. After being purified, this fat is this injected into the bum to create the size and shape the patient is desiring.

“So this is win, win”, says Larry.

“Yes, I am loving it so far,” remarks Kylie.

Dr Joseph says “I call it shapeshifting. You’re moving fat from areas you don’t want it and putting it in areas that you do.”

"It's a win, win", says Larry Emdur of The Morning Show

“It’s a win, win”, says Larry Emdur of The Morning Show

For those wanting to emulate the Kardashian look, they may need more than one session to create such a generous size. This will also depend on the density of your bottom, explains Dr Joseph. For a patient with firm, tight skin, they won’t be able to inject as much fat into the buttocks as someone with thinner, looser skin.

Concluding the interview, Kylie asks for Dr Joseph’s opinion on Instagram Influencers like Andrea Vasile and their exaggerated sized buttocks.

“What I say to my patients is I’m not here to judge you on the shape you want. I’m here to help them achieve the shape if they want to get it, in a way that’s as safe as possible.”

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