When you think boob jobs, you often picture the young woman in her mid-20’s with the desire to improve her physical appearance, however, that’s no longer the case. Today, we’re meeting with more and more women over 40 who are considering breast implants and augmentation surgery.

While women in their early 20’s desire breast implants to increase their natural size and attain a fuller look, older women are generally wanting to rectify age-related breast changes. Women over 40 tend to want to create more volume and fix the sagginess that occurs as a result of age or childbearing.

Time for a mummy makeover

In many ways, the trend of having babies later in life after establishing a career has influenced the trend in women seeking breast implant surgery after 40. These days it’s not uncommon for women to become first-time mothers in their mid to late 30’s or even 40’s as priorities have shifted.

Having financial security, stable relationships, a greater level of maturity, and stronger ties with the community are just some of the possible benefits of having children later in life, but the payoff is that sometimes pregnancy puts extra strain on the body.

While individual recovery and body shape regain post-pregnancy can vary greatly among women, factors such as age, health, and personal circumstances play a role. It’s important to recognize that everyone’s journey is unique, and there is no standard timeline or expectation for recovery and regaining pre-pregnancy body shape.


It’s no surprise then, that mummy makeover procedures have grown in popularity especially in that ‘over 40’ age bracket. Cosmetic surgeries like breast lifts and implants, along with liposuction using Vaser technology, are the most sought-after procedures amongst mothers. Addressing sagging and volume loss as a result of childbirth and breastfeeding can effectively be achieved through this procedure.

The desire to turn back time

Breast ptosis

It’s no secret that ageing can impact the body in all sorts of ways and for many, these changes are unwelcome. We all expect some lines to surface whether they are from laughing too often or being too stressed over the years. Our skin quality changes, lumps and bumps may appear in new areas and sagginess sets in as our skin loses elasticity. Although we’re aware that some of these changes may happen as a result of ageing, for many women it’s hard not to get frustrated and desire that youthful body they once had.

Breasts, like other parts of the body, can undergo changes over time. These changes may include alterations in position or fullness, which are natural aspects of the body’s evolution. Breast implant or lift surgery can help women over 40 replace lost volume, providing a lift and even upping the cup size if desired.

With advances in cosmetic surgery, more people have the opportunity to regain their natural youthful looks and tailor their body to better reflect how they perceive themselves.