We live in an age where we are more body conscious than perhaps at any other time in history. As a result of this, however, we have started to focus in on every area from our face to our body, and, yes, even our pubic region.

Hair Removal

One of the ways in which this generation has differentiated itself from other generations is the unpopularity of body hair. We shave, wax, and, now, even laser any errant hair from our bodies, especially in the pubic region. After all, just a few years ago a Brazilian was a native of South America, and ‘manscaping’ wasn’t even a word.

But while there are many clinics now promising laser hair removal, it is very important that you follow a few simple rules when choosing one.

Laser Hair Removal

Unfortunately there is a lack of regulation in Australia of so-called laser clinics. As you’d imagine, there is a range of laser machines, some high quality, and some downright dangerous. By the same token there is also a range in the expertise and experience of many of the operators of these clinics.

Unfortunately, unlike a hair salon or nail parlour, laser hair removal machines can – in the wrong hands – cause permanent damage. And with more and more cases of burns caused by underqualified laser ‘clinics’ every year, it is clear people are often putting their trust in the wrong hands.

When choosing a laser clinic always make sure you are dealing with medically trained staff. Because burns are always a risk from laser machines, you know that if something does go wrong, you have staff that are qualified to deal with an emergency, on the spot.

‘Permanent’ Laser Hair Removal

It is also important to note that although many clinics will promise ‘permanent’ laser hair removal, it takes several sessions to start to erase hair, pubic or otherwise, and even after these sessions a small amount of hair will always grow back. As you continue to undergo laser hair removal this regrowth will also become less and less, though true ‘permanent’ removal can take a much longer period of time than most people imagine.

Pubic Contouring

With the rise in manscaping and hair removal in the pubic region has come another interesting side effect. People are starting to notice the contours of this region far more than previously. Where once men and women would often have a patch of hair, now, for many of us, we can see a less than flattering patch of fatty tissue. Worse still, often this patch of fat can sag or create an odd ‘lumpy look.’ Luckily, however, cosmetic medicine has an answer or this too.

Pubic Liposuction

With a range of techniques available from traditional liposuction to more current techniques like laser liposuction and liquid liposuction, pubic liposuction directly targets the fatty tissue of the pubic region. With just a couple of hours in surgery, the pubic area can be re-contoured and smoothed out. Or, for those with sagging skin in the region, the procedure can be combined with a skin-tightening process like Bodytite, or a traditional tummy tuck. In fact, these highly advanced new liposuction techniques can be used in virtually any area of the body, including the tummy, thighs, hips, buttocks, and even in breast reduction.

A final word

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important you make sure you only entrust your body to an experienced cosmetic practitioner. After all, when you are admiring your beautiful new results, you’ll be glad you did your research first.