In just over a week Dr Joseph Ajaka will be one of the keynote speakers and presenters at the International Fat Grafting Asia Summit. Dr Ajaka has been invited to share his experience on the topic of fat grafting and buttock augmentations with other doctors, who are keen to know exactly how Dr Ajaka has been creating the perfect butts for his patients.

How Does the Buttock Augmentation Work?

The buttock augmentation involves liposuction to other areas of body, for example, the tummy and love handles, and transferring the fat which is removed from those areas to the buttock. This can turn flat bums into perky butts, square butts into round butts, and boring butts into superstar butts. Dr Ajaka also sculpts the buttock during the augmentation, for the ultimate dream butt!

Live Surgery!

As an expert in the field, Dr Ajaka has also been asked to perform a live buttock augmentation on a real patient, so that other doctors can see exactly how Dr Ajaka can achieve the results he does. Other speakers at the Summit include US Dr. Sidney Coleman, considered to be the global king of fat grafting procedures!

Buttock Augmentations on The Rise

Undergoing a Buttock Augmentation is the number 1 increasing cosmetic surgery trend, with a 58% increase in procedures over the last year. What is driving this trend? As always, it’s celebrities. The increasing focus on the rear ends of celebrities over the last decade has driven us to also want the perfect butt. Think about all the attention famous butts receive, e.g. Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and let’s not forget our own Kylie Minogue in those golden hot pants!

Most Requested Butts

When patients visit Dr Joseph Ajaka to get their perfect butt, a majority of the time they have a particular butt in mind. Some of the most famous butts aren’t always the butts that people want though, for example no one has requested to have a butt like Nicki Minaj or even Kim Kardashian. Most want a perfect, perky butt.  Check out our list below of the Top Ten Celebrity Butts, according to requests by Cosmos Clinic patients.

#10 – Shakira

#9 – Jennifer Lopez

#8 – Anna Kournikova

#7 – Selena Gomez

#6 – Gisele Bundchen

#5 – Sofia Vergara

#4 – Adriana Lima

#3 – Jessica Alba

#2 – Miranda Kerr

#1 – Beyonce