Thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery technology and social acceptance, men no longer have to worry about being strangers to cosmetic surgery.

In 2016, over 1.3 million men undergo some kind of cosmetic surgery in the US alone; factor in other locations and you have a number that is increasing steadily year by year.

However, men are generally intimidated by the process of going to a doctor and asking about the details of cosmetic surgery as they prefer to get their information online first.

In our guide today, we’ll cover everything that men need to know about getting cosmetic surgery.

What can liposuction achieve for men?

Liposuction can achieve several goals for men depending on what they want and what they are suitable for. Patients, however, should understand that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure – it is a body contouring procedure.

This means that if you are overweight and looking to lose weight drastically via liposuction, it can introduce risks and issues that will usually be addressed by the liposuction doctor.

These are the things that you need to ask yourself if you are thinking of undergoing liposuction surgery:

  • You are a relatively healthy person with a more or less ideal BMI.
  • You do not have an addiction to things like alcohol or cigarettes.
  • You have realistic expectations for the surgery.
  • You have a positive outlook and optimism in preparation for the surgery.

If you are in all of the categories above, liposuction may be an option for you.

Modern liposuction technique allows you to achieve certain goals such as:

  • Body contouring. Liposuction allows you to remove fat cells from certain parts of your body; this is done to achieve a desirable and toned body. Remember, body contouring is not the same as weight loss – keep that in mind.
  • Achieve a muscular and athletic physique. VASER Hi-Def liposuction allows men to achieve an athletic body; the procedure adds definition to your body which can help you achieve those elusive six-pack abs and V-shape taper.
  • Removing fat from stubborn areas. Some patients undergo VASER liposuction to remove fat from areas such as the lower belly and “love handle” which can be hard to tone down; VASER liposuction tones these body parts effectively and removes fat from your body safely.

What should I know before the surgery?

During consultations, your doctor will have a chat with you to know you better; this will help your doctor to determine if liposuction surgery is good for you.

Patients should understand however that liposuction does not change who you are or how you are treated by people around you. You should not expect liposuction or any cosmetic surgery to change your life.

Once again, it’s best to spend some time with your doctor to make sure that liposuction surgery is an option for you; doctors may decline your request if your motives are not justified enough to undergo surgery.

Which areas can be treated with liposuction?

With VASER liposuction, most of your body parts can be treated. Some of the more common treatment areas for men include:

  • The lower belly
  • Flanks or “love handles”
  • Arms
  • Chest

If you are unsure if VASER liposuction is an option for your treatment area, talk to your doctor and let him know about your concerns. Your doctor will decide if the surgery is suitable for you or not.

What happens before the surgery?

Your doctor will hand you a list of requests to do before the surgery. Usually, it’d involve things like:

  • Practicing a healthy diet at least 2-4 weeks before the surgery. Your doctor will ask you to eat more healthy food in preparation for the surgery which may reduce the risks of the operation.
  • Living a healthy life at least 2-4 weeks before the surgery. You might also be instructed to go for regular jogs and exercises to make sure that your body is in an ideal condition for the surgery. You might also be advised to cut down or remove habits such as smoking and alcohol prior to the surgery.
  • Meeting your doctor for a few a times. You’ll go through several consultations with your doctor to keep up with your health status as well as to resolve any of your questions. It’s also a good idea to go through checkups like blood tests to make sure that everything is OK before the surgery is done.

What happens during the surgery?

For minimally invasive surgeries like VASER liposuction, you’ll be administered local anesthesia with light sedation to numb the target area and keep you relaxed; minimally invasive means that the surgery is carried out with small cuts and tiny incisions.

An ultrasound probe is used to remove fat cells from the target area gently; this process is effective and safer than traditional forms of liposuction as it does not damage the nerves or blood vessels in the target area.

The procedure ends when the fat cells are removed from the treatment area. The tiny incisions are not usually stitched as it helps to remove the anesthetic solution from your body.

What should I do to recover after the surgery?

You’ll need to wear compression garments from 3-6 weeks after the surgery. Since the tiny incisions on the treatment area are not stitched, the compression garments help to encourage the drainage of anesthetic solution from your body.

It also helps to reduce bleeding and swelling of the treatment area as well as improving the rate of recovery. You should also not take part in intense activities such as weightlifting for at least 4 weeks after the surgery; consult your doctor if you really need to take part in strenuous activities.

Of course, it is possible to perform light exercise as early as a week after the operation; doctors will recommend you to do so as it helps with your blood circulation – just don’t do intense activities.

The most important thing is to be patient with your body after the surgery. You might not see results until at least 6 weeks in, so you’ll have to take good care of your body by living a healthy lifestyle and listening to your doctor’s advice.

Where can I learn more about liposuction?

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