There’s a cutting edge solution emerging to rival laser like results when it comes to reducing fine lines, scars and improving skin texture. It’s called a Dermaroller and it looks deceptively unimpressive. Sort of like a very small paint roller covered in prickly needles.

But this small prickly device works wonders in the right hands, stimulating collagen growth and helping to roll back the years.

The tiny needles covering the small wheel are rolled over the face by a trained clinician creating minute “wounds” in the outer layer of the epidermis. These wounds act as channels for active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. And, much like laser; creating tiny wounds forces the body to compensate in the healing process by producing more collagen.

Of course, collagen is everyone’s best friend in the quest for better skin. The combined ravages of time and sun exposure deplete our collagen stores and it’s the main component in connective tissues. Extra production of collagen helps plump the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

For the treatment itself, the skin is numbed for at least 30 minutes before with a medicated gel. With very careful attention to hygiene, the derma roller is rolled back and forth over the area being treated. It can be slightly painful in some more boney places, in other spots there will be almost no sensation through the gel. It’s quite quick and at a glance seems very “lo – tech”.

The results, though, are being compared with much more “hi-tech” skin saving solutions.
Immediately post treatment there will be redness resembling severe sunburn and the skin must be kept completely clean. By the next day the redness will have subsided enough to face the world. Within six weeks there’s a noticeable difference to texture, fine lines, large pores and scarring. A further two follow up treatments six weeks apart will make it better again.