While cosmetic medicine provides thousands of people every year with renewed confidence, a feeling of inner and outer beauty, and even a new lease on life, there are many people who seek surgery for the wrong reasons.

For example, this week the Hindi Times reported a rise in people heading to cosmetic practitioners immediately after a break-up. In the article, Indian physician Dr Charu Sharma noted, “post break up, young girls want higher cheek bones, moles above their lips and dimples on their cheeks. I see at least one or two cases every month.” Unfortunately, however, this kind of cosmetic surgery isn’t done for the right reasons. “It’s a sort of mental revenge. It’s a twisted logic because you are tempering with nature to prove a point to someone”, Dr Sharam concluded.

So what are the right and what are the wrong reasons for getting cosmetic procedures?

The Wrong reasons for plastic surgery:

Pleasing someone else

The most important factor in your decision to get plastic surgery is that it should come from your own desire to have it done. If you are pursuing cosmetic medicine because you are feeling pressured by society, by your spouse, or by outside factors then it’s probably not a good idea.

Personal Crises

If you are considering having liposuction or a breast reduction just because you are feeling depressed or angry or in some kind of personal crisis, this is not the time to visit the doctor’s office. It’s best to sort out your personal problems before undergoing another potentially big life change.

So, you want to look like a movie star?

While it is possible to dramatically change your appearance with the aid of plastic surgery, whether it be simple Anti Wrinkle and Dermal Filler injections to total facial and body reshaping, cosmetic practitioners are not miracle workers, and it is very important that your expectations are realistic based on your age, existing appearance and condition.

You have Body Dysmorphic Disorder

If you feel that you have serious flaws in your appearance, focus on them constantly, or obsess over them even when friends and colleagues don’t see what you’re talking about, you may be suffering from this condition. Unfortunately, for sufferers of BDD, cosmetic procedures don’t cure people of this condition. Look at people like Michael Jackson or ‘cat lady’ Jocelyn Wildenstein. Luckily, however, there is help available to sufferers, it just doesn’t lie in a doctor’s office.

You are looking to save a relationship or find a partner

For many couples, the pressure to stay young and attractive can be great. However, for these people, cosmetic surgery is a luxury not a necessity. Again, altering or refreshing your appearance can be a wonderful and liberating experience, but make sure it’s something you want. After all, it is a big step, and not one to be taken lightly.