A new method of bodybuilding has started in Los Angeles and it doesn’t involve going to the GIM (as Homer Simpson would say). It involves injecting fat into the biceps, pectorols and calf muscles under the influence of a ultrasound to give you a naturally built look.

For some, no amount of lifting will give them the desired amount of bulk in certain areas. Just as some people can never shift a particular fat deposit through diet and exercise, others can never build muscle where they might most want it. Mother nature has been having all the laughs on this one – but now, cosmetic science has stepped in.

Welcome to the brave new world of Advanced Surgical Bodybuilding. While the procedure itself is relatively new, it’s building on time tested liposculpture techniques which are safe, effective and long lasting.

Doctors in Los Angeles developed the technique after taking a closer look than ever before in to the structure of the body’s fatty tissue and how that relates to the underlying muscle. They came to the realisation that body fat isn’t one continuous structure, but a series of unique deposits that behave differently depending on the muscles they are interacting with. By using ultrasound they gain a better understanding of how to tailor the fat removal to best enhance the muscle. Then, fat can be grafted back in to the area – plumping and emphasising the shape of the muscle itself. They call it Autologous Fat Grafting (AFT) and it is done with absolute precision taking in to account the distinctive shape of each muscle and how it moves and contracts.

The results look natural, yet perfectly sculptured. It is for people who’ve worked hard on their fitness but need that finishing touch to show the results of all that effort.


This can be used in conjunction with liquid liposuciton.