Labiaplasty is a helpful  procedure for women troubled with the size or shape of their labia (the skin around the opening). Many women suffer from large labia majora or minora that can develop during puberty, after childbirth or simply due to the aging process.

Undergoing a Labiaplasty can reduce the size or improve the shape of the labia and can help improve a woman's self-confidence and her sex life. For some women a large labia may cause discomfort and surgery may improve these symptoms.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a day procedure that is performed under general anaesthetic. Labiaplasty does not reduce sensation felt during intercourse,  however some women report increased sexual satisfaction after Labiaplasty. Clitoral hood reduction may be performed along with Labiaplasty, which aims to reduce the size of the clitoral hood.

A Vaginoplasty may also be performed at the same time and this involves tightening of the wall. This will improve sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.

Anyone considering having this procedure must think carefully about their options and only proceed for the right reasons. You must also keep in mind that timing is crucial and downtime of 2-3 weeks is required during which the patient has to refrain from sexual activity.

Labiaplasty Costs

Labiaplasty costs and prices vary widely depending on your overall situation and expectations. Initial consultation is $150 - $200.  In some cases Medicare or private health fund rebates may apply and you will need to check with your individual provider.

In Summary...

Labiaplasty can provide some excellent benefits in terms of your physical health and self-worth as well as your emotional well-being  You should ensure that you fully understand the procedure and ask lots of questions whilst you are deciding whether this is the right solution for you. It is a medical procedure performed by surgeons, although a day procedure, recovery can still take some time and you should plan for this. There are some risks to consider and you should also understand that not everyone is suitable for Labiaplasty and that results will vary based on a range of factors that are different from person to person. Finally, the decision should be yours and yours only however, having made the right decision for you, you will be on the path to joining the hundreds of people who undergo Labiaplasty every year who are delighted with the results.