Breast Implants

Here at Cosmos Clinic we offer breast implants using a proven Rapid Recovery Technique. This cutting edge method makes it possible to recuperate from a breast augmentation in as quickly as one day! The Rapid Recovery Technique is a combination of proven surgical techniques with specific types of anesthesia and surgical instruments, which can reduce recuperation times from weeks to a few days – or less. Although individual responses can vary, 90 per cent of patients advise that they only require pain relief medication for less than two days and almost all feel well enough to resume all low impact activities within three days. For more information on Rapid Recovery Breast Implants please click here.

What types of Breast Implants are available?

In Australia implants used in Breast Augmentation can be made of either silicone gel or saline (a salt and water mixture). Most plastic surgeons in Australia prefer to use silicone gel breast implants.

  • Silicone Gel Breast Implants:  this implant option is not only safe but also offers the most natural look and feel. The silicone implants currently used in breast augmentations consist of a gel-like material, which makes it extremely unlikely for silicone to leak if the breast implant was ever to rupture.
  • Saline Implants:  this type of implant has a greater risk of spontaneous rupture and deflation.

Things you need to consider when thinking about Breasts Implants?

Other than considering if you want silicone or saline you need to consider the shape, texture, size, feel and placement of the breast implant:

  • Shape:  tear drop or round? At Cosmos Clinic, we believe that the shape of your breasts after breast implants will be determined by the natural shape of your existing breasts and the size and placement of the implants; NOT by the shape of the implant. Cosmos Clinic  prefers the use of round implants because if they rotate they will not alter the shape of your breasts.
  • Texture:  less risk with experiencing capsular contraction (the formation of scar tissue around the implant).
  • Size:  the size will vary from 250mls to 650mls in most cases. The size does not correlate with cup size. The cup size will be determined by your height, weight, chest wall shape and the size of your existing breasts. Each patient’s size is selected after thorough discussion with our surgeon.
  • Feel:  the thicker the silicone gel the harder the implant will feel. If you are after a natural feel we would suggest soft breast implants.
  • Placement:  under muscle or over? If you have little existing breast tissue we recommend that the implant be placed under the muscle to give a natural look. If you have a moderate amount of breast tissue it would be advised to place the implant above the muscle to allow for a quicker recovery time.

Common misconceptions about Breasts Implants

Common misconceptions include that breast implants cause cancer and that you can’t breastfeed with breast implants. There is no evidence to suggest that implants cause cancer or interfere with breastfeeding. Women who have implants need to inform the radiologist when having a breast cancer screen. Radiologist have been trained to detect cancer in a mammogram in patients with breast implants.

How long do Breasts Implants last for?

Breast implants can last for up to 25 years however they may need to be changed sooner as the surrounding breast tissue decreases and sags with age. At this point a larger implant may be required and a breast lift performed at the same time. Breast Implants do cause the breast to sag earlier than would otherwise occur.

Overall, with an experienced plastic surgeon and the right shape, feel, texture, placement and size breast implant; you can expect a very natural looking result.

Breast Implant prices

Breast Augmentation costs vary widely depending on your overall situation desired result. Contact Cosmos Clinic for further information

Breast Implant procedure locations

Dr. Choy operates out of Sydney, Canberra & Coffs Harbour, please contact Cosmos Clinic for more details.

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