Our trip to Los Angeles – New technoligies, treatments and methods
On the 26 August 2012, both Dr Ajaka and Dr Rahbar traveled to Los Angeles to meet 2 prominent doctor  & cosmetic practitioners, Dr David Matlock as well as Dr Greg Mueller. Both doctors are based in the fashionable Los Angeles suburb of Beverly Hills.

First a bit about Dr Matlock; known for his stint on Dr 90210, Dr Matlock focuses on Advanced bodybuilding Liposuction and – wait for it – G-Spot enhancements. Advanced bodybuilding Liposuction is a new and effective fat reduction treatment that uses state of the art vaser ultrasound technology to reshape the body. The Vaser system firstly liquefies the fat and then removes it from the body, thus providing smooth results.
G-Spot enhancements are exactly what you’re thinking; its for the woman of today who has lost the sexual pleasure of an orgasm due to stress, children, or ageing. Formally known as the G Shot, this revolutionary scientific break through enhances and enlarges the G-Spot. It is a safe, fast, painless and effective procedure which takes less than 30 minutes in the doctors office. In a pilot study, 87% of women reported that the G Shot procedure significantly enhanced their sexual gratification. The effect can last up to 4 months.
Our stay with Dr Mueller was also as exciting. Dr  Mueller is renowned for his ability to rejuvenate the face, neck and brow without traditional incisions. Dr Mueller has not only designed surgical instruments that allow surgery to be performed through small punctures, but he has also innovated a new approach to facial rejuvenation that has never been refined until now. Using what is known as the iGuide, patients can undergo facelifts, necklifts or browlifts with minimal to no incisions, yet achieve more accurate and effective results.
Our experiences of the last 2 weeks have been priceless. We have gained an enormous amount of knowledge that we cannot wait to bring to Australia.  Once the advanced bodybuilding Vaser arrives, we will be the only clinic in Australia offering all forms of proven and accepted liposuction methods, meaning we can cater for all bodies, no matter how old, small, large or fit you are.
We look forward to updating you in the near future, Stay tuned!