2015 has proven to be the year of butts with a steady rise in the number cosmetic procedures performed in the US, UK and now Australia aimed to enhance the buttocks.  According to Google, the term “butt implants” received a massive 40,500 searches in the month of March 2015 alone.

We can thank the curvaceous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and not to forget Kim Kardashian, who has perhaps one of the most famous behinds in the world, for this growing trend.  Move over selfies, belfies are now all the rage!

Butts are big in the UK

In Britain, the number of clients looking to undergo bottom-enhancing surgery soared by a third in the last year with no sign of slowing down.  The UK comparison website WhatClinic.com, say over 2,300 people have recently consulted with cosmetic clinics about the procedure, the majority of which were under the age of 24.  After conducting his own research, UK Professor Dr.Fuat Yuksel, found in 2014 there had been a 200 percent rise in the number of enquiries for the butt augmentation surgery.

Director of WhatClinic.com, Emily Ross, stated enquiries for fat-reducing surgeries were on the decline in comparison.  Liposuction procedures, for example, was seen to drop from 5,149 to 4,473 this year.  This despite the rise in the occurrence of obesity in the UK.

Social media has driven an increase in butt surgery in the US & Australia

The surge has infiltrated into the US also with The American ASPS finding bum procedures are one of the industry’s big growth areas.  President, Dr. Scott Glasberg said “Everywhere you look in the media, butts are in”.  The number of buttock implant surgeries performed in the country doubled in 2014 compared with the previous year and buttock lifts leaped an incredible 44 percent.

Surveying 901 doctors, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery discovered an even bigger increase with both augmentations nearly doubling in 2014.  They recorded 11,527 butt procedures were performed in 2013 and the following year this rose to 21,446.  Again, the rise of butt popularity in social media has been considered the driving factor.

Miami, Dr. Constantio Medieta, has embraced the rise in popularity telling NBC News a decade ago, butt augmentation made up of about 10 percent of his practice. It’s now risen to about 95 percent with a growing trend towards fat-grafting rather than implants.

Although we have been a little slower to embrace butt augmentation compared to the UK and US, in recent years Australia is seeing a similar trend says Plastic Surgery Hub general manager Trish Hammond.  Hammond states there has been an increase in enquiries regarding fat transfer butt procedures with “fat being like liquid gold these days – there is so much you can do with it”!

The latest techniques in butt augmentation surgery

Not only are we seeing a global rise in the popularity of butt augmentations, we are also seeing new techniques making the cosmetic surgery even more effective.  A study published in the May issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports a Brazilian plastic surgery team have combined the techniques of liposuction and fat grafting to alter and enhance the buttocks.  This means you can take fat from one area of the body where you have a little too much and transfer it to your derrière.

This is a technique our doctors at Cosmos Clinic are very familiar with.  We saw requests for butt lift surgery, commonly known as the ‘Brazilian butt lift’ take off after Pippa Middleton stole the show at the Royal wedding in that dress! While we can use implants to create the desired look, we prefer to use the patient’s own fat to provide a more natural look.  In addition, using the process of fat injection is less invasive, minimises scarring, the surgery is usually quicker and chances of infection or post-operative complications are reduced.

During a buttock augmentation or lift procedure, we remove fat usually from the abdomen, thighs or back through liposuction technology.  These sites are chosen as an adequate amount of fat needs to be harvested in order for the procedure to be effective.

See our Brazilian Butt Lift Before & After Gallery

There are some key differences to the process than a typical liposuction procedure where we would say good riddance and discard the unwanted fat.  Firstly, we apply lower than normal suction pressure to help reduce the trauma to the fat itself.  We do this by using the gentler techniques of Liquid or Vaser Liposuction. Secondly, the fat is purified and the healthy fat cells are separated.  By using a gentle approach we are able to use over 80% of the fat exacted from the patient.

The fat is then reinjected into the muscle and deep fat tissue of the buttocks via syringes.  This is done so with careful consideration to achieve the ideal shape and size giving the patient a more perky, shapely derrière.  Final results will start to be seen after several weeks after undergoing the cosmetic procedure and if a healthy lifestyle is maintained, the recipient can expected their desired appearance to be long-lasting.

The demand of cosmetic surgery remains strong and while liposuction, breast augmentation and Botox procedures may still remain at the top of the ‘popular cosmetic treatments’ list, butt augmentation has experienced a huge growth over the last few years. And it’s no wonder as the procedure not only provides you with a more appealing behind (staying on trend), but you can get rid of some unwanted fat from other areas of the body at the same time.  It’s a win-win!