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Diet and Weight Loss – So Much Is Still Unknown

Despite the lengthy research and the millions of dollars invested into studying obesity, it seems there is no definitive answer to many of the ‘big questions’ such as:  Why is the population getting fatter when we know more about losing weight? Is sugar the real villain in this story? Moreover, is there one diet that […]
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One step closer to an anti-obesity pill

A solution to obesity in the form of a pill is on the horizon, according to researchers from the University of Michigan, USA.
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‘Tis The Season To Gain Weight – How Not To Pile On The KGs

Struggling with your weight? It’s that time of year when our social calendars are bursting with parties, drinks, events and catch-ups. All of which spells overindulgence in food and drink and not enough time to make it to the gym. Here’s how to avoid piling on the pounds yet remain full of Christmas-time cheer.

The weight loss myths that could be causing weight gain!

Losing weight can be a challenge. Regardless of how much you have to lose, shedding the kilos requires discipline and total dedication. But with more and more weight loss tips, diets and theories, it seems you also need to be a detective to figure out what’s a myth and what’s backed by science.
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What you should know about Sugar when managing weight

What is making us fat: eating the wrong sorts of food or too much food? It’s been the question that has dominated government policy and culture for years, and as nutritional science has evolved new research and theories have been published leaving everyone confused.  Never before have we been so educated on health, the diet […]
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Use of Cannabis in Weight Loss & Gain

As the use of cannabis to treat medical conditions becomes more common, the research and knowledge into cannabis consumption and its benefits increases. While traditionally marijuana has been used for pain relief, to improve mood, and to increase appetite, more recently one such area of interest, is its positive effects on weight loss and metabolism.
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Is Your ‘Diet’ Actually Making You Fatter?

IBISWorld has estimated Australian’s will spend over $613 million on weight-loss services, low-calorie foods and dietary supplements during the 2015-16 financial year. With 65% of Australian adults either overweight or obese, the diet industry is booming, and there’s one reason why it’s so profitable…diets don’t work.  If one diet, such as the Atkins Diet, Wheat […]
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Why your body wants to be fat according to the Gabriel Method

You’re not fat because you eat too much; you’re fat because your body wants you to be. If you’re looking for a truly inspiring weight loss story, this is it.  Jon Gabriel, a successful biochemical researcher, found himself grossly overweight working a stressful job before he decided to commit to improving his health.  Gabriel was […]
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10 Common Fat Triggers From the Gabriel Method

Jon Gabriel has one of the most remarkable weight loss transformations we’ve seen.  Over just 2.5 years, he has lost 103 kilograms and more importantly managed to keep the weight off for over 10 years.  Sharing his weight loss success with us, Jon has developed his own holistic approach to weight loss that steers away […]
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Men, It’s Time to Get in Shape for Pregnancy

In the past, much of the pressure of a healthy pregnancy and baby is placed on the health of the mother. But now the evidence is growing that the health of a child’s future has just as much to do with the father-to-be’s waistline and lifestyle habits. Men, it’s time to shape up before you […]