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4 foods you need to avoid to prevent scarring from surgery

Dec 23, 2016
BY Cosmos Clinic
Getting your nutrition right is crucial if you want to prevent scarring from surgery. Certain foods have the potential to improve wound healing and the strength of your tissue. Other foods can impede your skin repairing and prolong your recovery....
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Laser, IPL and Safety

Oct 28, 2011
BY cosmosclinic
With the proliferation of technology in the cosmetic industry, there has been increased concern and media attention on the use of┬áLaser & IPL┬átreatments and their safety. Light based treatments fall under three (3) broad categories: (more…)

How to Get Rid Of…

Oct 14, 2011
BY cosmosclinic
Fill in the blank... How to get rid of ...... acne, fat, cellulite, that double chin, freckles, love handles, , stretch marks ... we can all admit to typing into Google and trying to get a quick fix or natural...