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Too many wrinkles? Cosmos Clinic can help create a smooth, natural and youthful appearance using Anti Wrinkle Injections.

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Some quick facts on Anti Wrinkle Injections

  • Anti Wrinkle Injections are designed to relax various muscles that can cause wrinkles on the face;
  • Commonly used on: forehead lines, smile lines (round the eyes) and the frown lines as well as eyebrow lifting;
  • Results usually start to kick in after 3-5 days*, and last 3-4 months* in most cases
  • The procedure has no downtime;
  • Anti Wrinkle Injections have been used for over 20 years and are both safe and effective;
  • Other useful applications are reducing excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis)jawline shaping, neck lines and a gummy smilecalf contouring and general facial rejuvenation

*Disclaimer – results may vary from patient to patient

Frequently Asked Questions about Anti Wrinkle Injections

What are Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Anti Wrinkle Injections are a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles, creating a smoothed and improved appearance. Anti Wrinkle Injections are produced by a bacterium. It was first used in humans for the treatment of strabismus (“crossed-eyes”) in 1978. It is now used to treat a number of medical conditions including cerebral palsy, migraine, excessive sweating, wry neck, back and facial spasms as well as the treatment of facial wrinkles.

Anti Wrinkle Injections are a natural, purified protein derived in a controlled fashion from bacteria like other agents, such as penicillin. Anti Wrinkle Injections are the only medical product of its type with more than thirty years of safe usage involving millions of patients worldwide, comprehensive clinical trials, published studies and extensive clinical practice. Anti Wrinkle Injections are one of the most widely researched medicines in the world with twenty approved indications in more than seventy-five countries. Anti Wrinkle Injections are a simple, quick and minimally invasive treatment that delivers fast, visible results.

How do Anti Wrinkle Injections work?

Anti Wrinkle Injections work by blocking the impulses from the nerves that control muscle movement. When injected into muscle tissue, a muscle relaxation results after about three days such that the muscles can not contract. This creates a smooth rejuvenated appearance of the overlying skin that can last anywhere from three to eight months. When used for the treatment of dynamic facial lines, the effect typically last for about three months (*Results may vary from patient to patient)

Which part of the face can be treated with Anti Wrinkle Injections?

The most commonly treated areas include:

      • Frown lines or worry lines between the eyebrows;
      • “Surprise” or forehead lines;
      • Crows feet or “laugh lines”; and
      • Eyebrow lift.

In these areas, excessive contraction of the muscles below the skin cause it to wrinkle and eventually “crease”. The facial expressions caused by these particular muscle actions are generally undesirable. “Crease” lines on the skin that do not disappear when stretched out will be improved, but not completely removed by Anti Wrinkle Injections and may need treatment by other methods (see Dermal Fillers and Dermal Stimulator. Other areas where Anti Wrinkle Injections can be effective include:

        • Excessive sweating;
        • Depressed corners of the mouth;
        • Neck bands;
        • ‘Bunny’ lines on the nose – the lines seen when sniffing;
        • Puckering of the chin;
        • Lower jaw muscles, Jaw line contouring – to slim square jawlines; and
        • Calf contouring – to slim bulky calves.

What does the procedure involve?

Anti Wrinkle Injections require five to ten injections per area with a very fine needle. No local anaesthetic cream is needed although a very mild discomfort may be experienced. We use cold packs and preserved saline to reduce the mild discomfort. You are encouraged to move the muscles in the treated area in the first few hours after the treatment. This will increase the action and onset of the Anti Wrinkle Injections. You may develop some bruising which will subside. Other side effects are rare. As there is NO DOWNTIME, patients can resume normal activities the same day, although vigorous rubbing of the injected areas should be avoided for at least eight hours. Contrary to what was formerly thought, the position of the patient during or after properly performed preparation or injection of Anti Wrinkle Injections does not influence the area or intensity of the effect.

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When will I see results?

Anti Wrinkle Injections usually cause muscle relaxation of the injected area three to five days after the injection. The full effects may not be seen for two weeks (*Results may vary from patient to patient). Cosmos Clinic encourage all patients to return for their complimentary follow appointment after two weeks.

How long will Anti Wrinkle Injections last?

Anti Wrinkle Injections causes muscle relaxation of the injected muscles, which can last from 3 – 6 months (*Results may vary from patient to patient). Patients need to keep in mind that the goal is to minimise the appearance of lines caused by movement, not to have a “frozen face” or to keep the injected muscles paralysed. Experience with thousands of patients has shown that the vast majority using Anti Wrinkle Injections on a regular basis will need treatments two or three times a year to maintain the improvement.

Will it stop the lines getting worse? Yes!

Anti Wrinkle injections prevent the lines getting worse over time. Treating the muscle with anti wrinkle injections will weaken the muscle over time which means the lines will not be as bad when the anti wrinkle injection wears off. Also when the lines are relaxed, collagen remodelling repairs the damaged collagen beneath the wrinkle line and “fills in” those lines caused by the former movement of the now-paralysed muscle. This effect becomes more apparent with repeated injections and in many cases causes the lines to disappear over time.

What are the costs of Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Prices vary due to the strength of the muscle, the stronger the muscle the higher the amount of anti wrinkle you need. Men have stronger muscles than women.

  • Forehead $150-$200;
  • Frown $200-$400;
  • Around Eyes $200-$400;
  • Brow Lift $150-$200.

Are there any possible complications?

Anti Wrinkle Injections are safe and effective with the vast majority of patients experiencing no complications. It is not absorbed by the blood stream and only affects the muscles injected. Anti Wrinkle Injections are eliminated from the body in a few days but the machinery required for the nerve impulse to travel to the muscle is disabled  for three to four months. No serious or long-term health hazards have been attributed to the use of Anti Wrinkle Injections, even after years of use and millions of injections. However, some mild transient side effects can occur including:

            • Mild swelling or redness at the injection site which will settle within a few hours;
            • Bruising at the injection site can occur but is not common. This can be avoided by the application of ice packs prior to the injection and by carefully inspecting the area to be injected for blood vessels. The bruising settles in two to six days and can be covered with makeup. Smile lines are an area typically affected by bruising;
            • Occasionally, the injected muscles will not be weakened enough and touch up injections will be needed for correction after two weeks;
            • Drooping of the upper eyelid, which can last up to three weeks is rare. This may be treated with eye drops until it resolves by itself, typically after a few days;
            • Drooping of the forehead can occur if too much of the Anti Wrinkle Injection is put in this area.

Who should not have Anti Wrinkle Injections?

Patients with neuromuscular disorders such as myesthenia gravis should not be treated with Anti Wrinkle Injections. True allergic reactions to Anti Wrinkle Injections have not been observed. No side effects from Anti Wrinkle Injections have been reported when pregnant or nursing women have been inadvertently treated, although safety during pregnancy or lactation has not been firmly established.

Where can I get Anti Wrinkle Injection treatments undertaken?

Your initial Anti Wrinkle Injection consultation can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics in Double Bay – Sydney, Deakin – Canberra, North Adelaide – Adelaide or Benowa – Gold Coast. To book an appointment for Anti Wrinkle Injections or any of the treatments that we offer please contact Cosmos Clinic.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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(*Results may vary from patient to patient)


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