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With the latest treatments available you can now put a stop to your excessive sweating. Cosmos Clinic is proud to be one of the only clinics in Australia to offer Laser/ Vaser Sweat Ablation for excessive sweating.

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Excessive Sweating (technically known as hyperhidrosis) is a condition affecting millions of people around the world. Uncontrolled sweating can occur in various parts of the body including the face, hands, feet but predominantly in the underarms.

Excessive Sweating

What are the causes of excessive sweating?

Although high temperatures or stress can increase perspiration, they don’t cause hyperhidrosis. Instead, hyperhidrosis may be an inherited trait that stops the body from properly regulating its temperature. Until recently, excessive sweating has been difficult to control. Anti Sweating Injections are commonly used to help offer a temporary solution however, a new technique known as Laser/ Vaser Sweat Ablation is leading the way in long term and permanent improvements.

The treatments available for excessive sweating can be classified into the following groups:

Surgical Options

  • Laser Sweat Ablation – provides a long term permanent improvement
  • Vaser Sweat Ablation – provides a long term permanent improvement

Non-Surgical Options

  • Anti Sweating Injections – offer a temporary improvement

Surgical Options

Excessive Sweating Treatment using Laser Sweat Ablation

Laser Sweat Ablation is a technique that offers patients a permanent less invasive option for sweaty armpits. There is minimal discomfort and you can resume normal activities the same day. It is based on a infrared laser that generates heat to destroy the sweat glands and results in sweat-free armpits and an end to those socially awkward moments.

To watch a video on the Laser Sweat Ablation treatment please click here (BBC News Website).

Excessive Sweating Treatment using Vaser Sweat Ablation

Vaser Sweat Ablation is the latest technology available to treat excessive sweating and provide permanent improvements for those suffering with hyperhidrosis. This cutting edge procedure uses ultrasound technology to generate heat to destroy the sweat glands.

The following video from NBC LA News has more information on the Vaser Sweat Ablation treatment.

Non-Surgical Options

Anti Sweating Injections

Excessive Sweating of the underarm, face, hands, and feet can be effectively treated with Anti Sweating Injections that are comprised of a purified protein. The area to be treated is assessed for sweating before the injection of the anti sweating agent. Approximately 20 injections in each palm and armpit are required. A local anaesthetic cream is used to reduce any discomfort. The results can last for up to a year and half. For more information on Anti Sweating Injections please click here.

How effective are Excessive Sweating Treatments?

Patients who treat their underarms with the surgical option of Laser/ Vaser Sweat Ablation experience a permanent dramatic reduction in their hyperhidrosis.  When treated with the non-surgical option of Anti Sweating Injections patients notice a remarkable improvement in their sweating which generally lasts around a year and a half.

Costs and prices of Excessive Sweating Treatments

Excessive Sweating Treatment costs and prices vary widely depending on your overall situation and expectations. Your initial consultation is $120 but is refunded if you proceed with any treatment. As a guide, procedures range from around $1,000 for the Anti Sweating Injections through to $4,000 for Laser/ Vaser Sweat Ablation.

Locations for Excessive Sweating Treatments

Your initial Excessive Sweating treatment consultation can be undertaken at our Cosmetic Clinics in Double Bay – Sydney, Deakin – Canberra or North Adelaide – Adelaide.

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