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Liquid Liposuction Sydney, Canberra & Adelaide

What Happens To Loose Skin?

After Liquid liposuction some patients with poor quality skin can be left with skin that does not retract properly. In the past having this “excess” skin removed could only be achieved through excision and ugly scaring. Now with the introduction of Laser Liposuction we are able to help tighten the skin without the need for a surgical methods. Laser liposuction is quite commonly used in combination with Liquid Liposuction procedures to assist with skin tightening.

Do The Fat Cells Come Back?

The actual number of fat cells remains stable during life. Unless we become grossly obese you do not grow more fat cells after adolescence. The cells get larger with weight gain and smaller with weight loss. In general, women have a proportionately higher percentage of body fat than men. Women typically have a disproportionate number of fat cells in their hips, upper thighs and buttock. Liposuction removes fat from areas that have a disproportionately larger number of fat cells. This means that when you put weight on it occurs in a more even distribution all over your body. Once fat cells are removed with liposuction it is much harder to get fat in those areas again. For more information see Fat Facts After Liposuction.

After Your Treatment

After your liposuction treatment some fluid drainage can occur from the incision point, this will normally last for 12 hours only. You will also need to wear a compression garment to help reduce bruising/swelling and improve skin retraction. Your surgeon will prescribe how long this needs to be worn following the liposuction procedure.

On average, we undertake 3-6 post opt treatments, starting at day 1-5 after your procedure. During each 30 minute session you will be given a lymphatic drainage massage and/or a heat massage, which is undertaken by our onsite physiotherapist or nurse. The ultrasound massage will give you a warming effect and will relax your muscles; this will also help with skin retraction. The lymphatic drainage massage helps speed up recovery by dispersing the excess fluid to help provide the best results possible.

On going home after the procedure, you will not be bed-ridden, and we encourage you to move about and not be stagnate. Everybody heals differently, you know your own body and we suggest you listen to it and give yourself time to heal properly. Normal daily activities can be returned to the day after the procedure but we suggest that you please avoid vigorous activities such as intense exercise or sports for 2-3 weeks.

In Summary…

Liquid Liposuction can provide some excellent benefits in terms of your physical health and self-worth as well as your emotional wellbeing. You should ensure that you fully understand the procedure and ask lots of questions whilst you are deciding whether this is the right solution for you. It is a medical procedure performed by expert Cosmetic Surgeons under sedation in our day surgery at Double Bay . Although much shorter than traditional liposuction procedures, recovery can still take some time and you should plan for this. There are some risks to consider and you should also understand that not everyone is suitable for Liquid Liposuction and that results will vary based on a range of factors that are different form person to person. Finally, the decision should be yours and yours only however, having made the right decision for you, you will be on the path to joining the hundreds of people who undergo Liquid Liposuction every year who are delighted with the results.