What happens to fat removed from patients during liposuction treatment? It’s usually disposed of, but one Dutch artist decided to turn it into a useful artwork resource that poses questions about human guilt and the debt of modern society.

Picture: BAM Photographers

How do you make human soap?

The work, called Schuldfabrik is the brainchild of Dutch artist Julian Hetzel who worked with plastic surgeons in the Netherlands to extract and use 300kg of human fat. After removing fat from patients undergoing liposuction (with their full consent) it underwent a range of processes to make sure that it was safe for use. The human fat was heated to destroy any bacteria and viruses and then combined with a mixture of other fats to make sure that it produced soap that would clean, moisturise and act like your favourite soap.

What questions does human soap pose?

The bars of soap entitled ‘SELF’ will be on sale as part of a pop-up installation at the Adelaide Festival in March 2019. Visitors will be able to wash with a bar before buying and taking it home to enjoy. Of course, as well as creating a use for an otherwise ‘useless’ resource, Hetzel is hoping that the soap will provoke thought and discussion. By using excess fat to represent guilt, he explores the questions of using guilt for a purpose and a money-making resource.

All money raised from sales of the soap ($32) is to be donated to building wells in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Picture: BAM Photographers

Fat removal

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