While a large percentage of the population struggles with their weight, there is even an ever greater number of us who struggle with a very small amount of weight – sometimes as little as 5-10 kilos. The reason we struggle, however, is not because we have no discipline with our diets, because we’re lazy, or because we’ve never heard of a gym before. The real reason is that because for many of us, losing that final 5 kilos can be a near-impossible task.

Your Options

While there are dieticians and naturopaths and personal trainers who would tell us to ‘eat right and exercise’ to lose the weight, the truth is that most of us already eat right and exercise. Some of us have even spent money on such experts, gone vegetarian, cut out milk products, or perhaps joined army-style bootcamps. But while these are helpful, sometimes we all need a little helping hand from cosmetic medicine.


For many, ‘liposuction’ is a dirty word. It represents laziness, excessive vanity, perhaps even‘high risk’ or danger. While it is true that, in the past, traditional liposuction was a painful, potentially dangerous and physically taxing procedure, what many people don’t know is that there are now far more advanced techniques being used. Some of these are even non-surgical, and all of them can be performed for less money, with less downtime, and produce far more natural and beautiful results than ever before.

Liquid liposuction

One of the most popular procedures is a technique known as liquid liposuction.

Using a highly pressured water stream, liquid liposuction allows doctors to target and dissolve your fat in troublesome areas like the buttocks, hips, thighs and tummy, all without damaging the surrounding cells. Because this water stream only dissolves fat, this means there is far less bruising or swelling in the area, allowing the doctor to see exactly what areas he or she is reducing, and allowing for far smoother, more symmetrical and natural results than ever before. The other benefit is that unlike traditional liposuction, liquid lipo’s gentler approach means far less down time, allowing most patients to get back to work in as little as 1-3 days.

This technique can even be used in breast reduction to create seamless, and more importantly, scarless results.

Laser Liposuction

Created by innovative cosmetic technology company Invasix, Bodytite or laser liposuction is a completely different technique to liquid lipo, but is also highly effective. Using a unique radio frequency technology, Bodytite channels this energy deep under the skin’s surface. These radio waves disrupt and eliminate fat cells in virtually any trouble area of the body, while at the same time tightening the skin. Similar to liquid lipo, the technique creates very little swelling or bruising, and because it targets the fat cells at their source, deep below the skin’s surface, a skilled cosmetic practitioner can use Bodytite to create incredibly natural and long-lasting results.


Finally, for those who still balk at the idea of surgical intervention to lose their final 5 kilos there is a new technique that can help you lose those unsightly lumps and bumps around your body without a scalpel or needle in sight.

Created by renowned cosmetic technology company Zeltiq, Coolsculpting is a Harvard-tested system that uses ultra cool temperatures to literally freeze fat dead. Whether you have love handles, a small gut, or a post-pregnancy paunch, Coolsculpting can target these fatty deposits in a simple one-hour treatment. Then in the coming weeks you simply watch as the newly dead fat cells are eliminated from your body, naturally, leaving you with new, sexier contours.

A final note

Before choosing a procedure make sure you find a reputable and experienced cosmetic practitioner. After all, while all of the above techniques work, it is important they are applied with qualified hands.