Fat Reduction

The Basics

Fat Reduction is an umbrella term used to describe different types of cosmetic procedures and treatments designed to decrease fat deposits and tighten up loose skin – giving it a taut, toned and attractive look

The Treatment

Cosmos Clinic offers a variety of treatment options for Fat Reduction. The best treatment option will depend on your desired results.

Procedure Options

  • CoolSculpting: is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment
  • Vaser Liposuction: is a minimally invasive fat reduction procedure
  • Vaser Hi Def Liposuction: is a minimally invasive body contouring procedure that reduces fat and also creates definition to muscle groups
  • Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty: is an invasive, surgical body lift that can reduce the amount of fat on a patient’s body
  • Fat Dissolving Injections: is a non-surgical procedure used to reduce excess fat in the chin area.

Procedure Facts

Various Options Available
Costs Vary
Significant Results Achievable

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Top Fat Reduction Questions

What are common reasons why people undergo treatment for Fat Reduction?

Some of the reasons for considering surgical or non-surgical Fat Removal may include:

  • Not being able to lose excess weight after pregnancy through exercise and diet alone
  • Wanting to get rid of unwanted fat, such as the abdomen, arms, inner thighs, neck, bra fat and chest
  • Creating a more balanced and proportionate figure
  • Decreasing unsightly stretch marks, scars and other scarring
  • Increasing body confidence and promoting an improved self-image through a toned body

How do I know which treatment option is best for me?

It is important to determine what type of results you are looking for and to have realistic expectations. A consultation with our doctors is recommended to discuss all your questions and concerns, as well as to establish which treatment option will suit you best.

It is also important to note that when selecting a treatment option, post-operative side effects may include slight swelling and bruising. All of which, will be outlined during your consultation.

At which clinic can I undertake Fat Removal?

Your initial Fat Removal consultation and subsequent procedure can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide or the Gold Coast

We also treat many interstate and overseas patients each year at Cosmos Clinic.  Therefore, we have set procedures in place for those travelling to our clinics for treatment.

For travelling patients please use the contact form located at the bottom of this page to send us images of the areas you wish to have treated, which Cosmos Clinic you’d like treatment at, and where you’re located in the description so our staff can include all the appropriate information for travelling patients as part of your personalised quote.

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