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Will Your Medical Insurance Cover Cosmetic Surgery?

You want to have cosmetic surgery, but can you afford it? What’s more, does your private health fund cover all of or any of your desired operation? A significant consideration when it comes to cosmetic surgery is the expense. Knowing where you stand financially is one of the first things you should work out. Here’s […]
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New, Skin-Tightening Device Gives Immediate Results

Did you see Cosmos Clinic’s Dr Joseph Ajaka on Channel 7’s The Morning Show? Presenters Kylie Gillies and Larry Edmur were excited to learn about a new skin-tightening device that offers skin rejuvenation and natural lift with immediate results.
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Washing Away The Guilt With ‘Lipo Soap’

What happens to fat removed from patients during liposuction treatment? It’s usually disposed of, but one Dutch artist decided to turn it into a useful artwork resource that poses questions about human guilt and the debt of modern society.
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New mBMI Obesity Predictor Measures Up

For decades, we have relied on the results of a tape measure, scales and a simple BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation to tell us whether we are overweight, obese, normal or underweight. However, the latest research, published in Cell Metabolism, reveals that rather than performing a BMI calculation, we should be drawing blood to get […]
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Dr Ajaka Discusses New Hospitals for Cosmetic Procedures

[00:00:00] Dr. Joseph Ajaka: We’ve recently opened a new hospital only about two weeks ago. It’s been quite the journey to get there. It’s quite difficult to find premises that fits all the criteria needed. You need to have two exits, you need to have an ambulance bay, the building needs to comply in many […]
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We Now Accept Cryptocurrencies!

For all you cryptocurrency traders out there we have some great news! We are super excited to announce that Cosmos Clinic is now accepting Bitcoin. If you’ve been considering any cosmetic procedures and hold these cryptocurrencies, now is a better time than ever to treat yourself to an appearance enhancing treatment.
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Are Fat Camps the Answer to Australia’s Child Obesity Epidemic?

The statistics don’t lie, childhood obesity is a major public health issue. With 25% of Australian children overweight or obese in 2017, it’s an issue that needs to be addressed.
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Obesity Epidemic Causes Concern for Gen Z

What does the future for Australia’s most overweight generations look like? People who are overweight or obese are at higher risk of severe health complications and chronic illnesses. Despite efforts to educate the public on the importance of healthy eating younger generations are still more likely to be obese than those who grew up before […]
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Loss of Appetite After Liposuction? Here’s Why…

It’s no coincidence that you’re not feeling as hungry as before your Liposuction procedure. To understand why, first, you need to understand the role your excess fat was playing in making you feel hungry.
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Which Diet Will Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off?

If you’ve tried to lose weight at some point in your life, you’re likely to have tried one of the many diets proclaiming they’re the answer to your weight struggles.