Cosmos Clinic’s Dr Joseph Ajaka appeared on the Seven Network’s The Morning Show to discuss this year’s most popular procedures and put the rising popularity of them down to two things: The Kardashians and Instagram.

Kardashians still rule

It will come as no surprise to learn that the ‘Kardashian-effect’ is still in full swing. It seems that women, particularly those aged between 20-35 years old, continue to watch Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kendall and Kylie at close range and follow their every move.

The BBL for ladies

This year’s hottest procedures, as predicted by Dr Ajaka, includes the continuation of the trend for larger buttocks with the Brazilian Bum Lift (BBL) for women still the number one choice.

The BBL involves taking purified fat from excess areas (such as the love handles) and transplanting it into the butt cheeks to give lift and fullness.
Cosmos Clinic first performed the BBL back in 2010 and has carried out over 2,000 lifts since.

The BBL for men

However, it’s not just the ladies who are looking for a prize booty in 2019. The Brozilian Butt Lift for men is also popular. The procedure sees approximately 800 – 1,000mls of fat reinjected into each buttock cheek to give fullness and shape, something that Seven presenter Larry Emdur joked he might consider.

Whereas larger lips were on trend for the past few years, Dr Ajaka suggested that more natural and therefore slightly thinner lips will be in demand. Again, this follows the news that Kylie Jenner had her excess lip filler dissolved and then refilled more subtly for a natural look.

2019’s hot favourite – the hip dip

The extent to which Instagram is shaping our bodies is perhaps the most surprising reveal for 2019. This year’s hot procedure? The ‘hip dip’. This is largely spurred on by our love of Instagram posing. In particular, influencers and Insta-Models are opting to have a ‘hip dip’ procedure for a perfect S shape without any indentation in the hip area or having to stand awkwardly for the perfect shot. So, just like the current desire to have bigger buttocks, hips in 2019 are following suit.

Is 2019 the year for your body transformation?

Fully on board with this year’s hot body trends, Dr Ajaka and his team are best placed to advise any person hoping to have a BBL, hip dip or lip procedure. Please get in contact or visit our site for guidance or more information.