A typical self-care routine includes cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums and masks. Now, beauty brands have shifted their focus to butt skincare.

If you want to be kind to your rear end, you’ll find sheet masks and scrubs, serums and oils and creams to nourish, tone and firm your booty.

And we’re loving it!

Not only do we think it’s a great way to enhance your new booty post a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, but our rear ends also benefit from a little extra self-care.

The thriving skincare industry

Butt cheeks can suffer from pimples and dry skin just as your face would. Your derriere’s complexion can also appear dull and show signs of ageing just as the skin on the rest of your body.

A little scrubbing and moisturising may just be what’s needed to return the glow to the delicate skin of your butt cheeks. But if you need a little more TLC, dermatologists and aestheticians are now offering buttock facials which can include dermabrasion or a chemical peel depending on your needs. You can even find butt cupping services and high-frequency device treatments designed to kill bacterial infections and reduce inflammation.

According to NPD Group’s market research, the rise in popularity of butt-specific skincare is due to the growth of the beauty product market, which in 2018 become a $5.6 billion industry.

There is also a trend for skin-care companies to produce “clean” products that imply they don’t contain harmful ingredients in their range.

“If you think about the bigger trends in beauty and why skincare as a whole is growing so fast, it’s because of clean brands,” Larissa Jensen, an analyst at NPD Group tells the New York Times.

Beauty routines targeting our whole body

The addition of butt-specific skincare products is also a result of more consumers targeting their entire body in their beauty routines.

Global director JWT Intelligence, a research firm, Emma Chiu says the boom is what they referring to as “inclusive wellness”.

“We’re seeing that we’re embracing every part of our body, and this includes the more intimate parts of our body.”

The thriving wellness trends, body positivity and popularity of more shapely behinds are driving entrepreneurial brands and start-ups to expand their range into the butt care market.

Ms Chiu says she’s loving how these brands are approaching butt-specific products taking a cheeky, humorous angle. “When you’re speaking about intimate skincare you don’t want to be too serious”, she says.

Take Bawdy Beauty’s Squeeze It! Butt Sheet Mask which is accompanied with the tagline “My Butt Looks Better Than Your Face”. Or, perhaps Lush Cosmetic’s Rump Bottom Rub designed to help soothe sore muscles after a butt workout or long run.

Let’s face it. If you are investing in cosmetic surgery to enhance your body shape, taking care of it post-surgery with a healthy diet, exercise and self-care will only see you enjoy your new figure for longer. And that includes your behind too.