The harshest critic of a woman’s body is usually herself, especially for the 80% to 90% of women around the world who have cellulite in at least one area. But for a cosmetic complaint that is so widespread, you’d think someone had created an easy and foolproof solution to cellulite.

There are of course the old wives tales and dreaded ‘home remedies’ that go with most common complaints. And for some these work. Cellulite treatment fads like avoiding fast food, massaging the problem areas daily, scrubbing your cellulite with coffee grounds or a plethora of seaweed and dead sea wraps can greatly reduce or eliminate cellulite for a lucky few. But for most, cellulite has become an accepted part of life. But to find a solution, it is important to understand exactly what cellulite is.

Where does cellulite come from?

Often cellulite is simply caused by genetics. While it usually occurs in the buttocks or thighs, genetics will often determine if it occurs in other parts of the body. The cellulite ‘look’ itself is caused by superficial (close to the skin’s surface) layers of fat literally pressing up unevenly against the skin. This created undesirable the ‘ripple’ effect. The problem with most of the remedies listed above is that they only target these fatty deposits from the outside in without attacking the root cause of cellulite.

The solution

Luckily, modern technology has intervened in the fight against cellulite, and for those who can’t remove these unsightly patches with a home remedy, there are new more effective treatments available than ever before.  The most effective being Magnetic Pulse Treatment, and the Peel Away Method.

Magnetic pulse treatment

When it comes to targeting the source of the cellulite problem, it is easy to imagine that you’d need a cosmetic practitioner to surgically remove the fat cells. However thanks to the power of magnetic field and radio frequency technology it is now possible to uniformly heat areas of the fat from the inside out without a single incision being made. The destroyed fatty deposits are then able to be removed naturally by your body’s own systems while you watch as your dimples and bumps vanish over time.

While most candidates will require 8-10 sessions for cellulite reduction, these treatments are quick, painless, and allow you to get on with your day straight after a session.

The peel-away method

While more invasive and with a longer recovery time than the Magnetic Pulse Treatment method, the Peel Away method works to strengthen the skin structure using highly targeted and powerful laser technology. But this laser treatment doesn’t simply improve and strengthen the superficial layers of skin, it also works to literally melt away the top layers of fat which causes unsightly dimpling and rippling. The one advantage that makes the Peel Away Method the most desirable treatment for cellulite is that because it strengthens the upper layer of skin, it also prevents new pockets of fat from resurfacing after the old ones have been destroyed. This means the results are not only dramatic, but they are incredibly long-lasting.