There are many factors to consider when deciding to undergo a nose job, regardless of whether you’re choosing between a traditional rhinoplasty or the less invasive non-surgical nose reshaping. One of the big factors for patients is cost.

If you’ve been doing research into nose jobs, you may have noticed the costs of the cosmetic procedures can vary significantly.

Here, we discuss the difference between the rhinoplasty procedure and a non-surgical rhinoplasty and the costs involved in undergoing a nose job at our Gold Coast cosmetic surgery clinic so you can make an informed decision. After reading you may see why injectable nose jobs are one of our most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments on the Gold Coast.

The difference between surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty

A traditional rhinoplasty, a plastic surgery procedure, may alter the size, shape, profile, and width of the nose. The nose surgery can reshape the nasal tip, correct asymmetry or reduce the size of the nose so that is in proportion to the rest of your facial features.

Rhinoplasty is a more invasive procedure than a non-surgical nose job as it is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital. The procedure requires more downtime and may result in persisting swelling and bruising for several weeks. At Cosmos Aesthetics, the rhinoplasty procedure is only available in Sydney and Coffs Harbour.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty, also known as an “injectable nose job”, is performed at all our cosmetic clinics, including on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, QLD.

The cosmetic procedure uses injectable Volume Enhancement Treatments to reshape, define and enhance the appearance of the nose. It can correct a crooked or flat bridge of the nose, disguise bumps and indentations or refine your shape to create a more desirable facial profile.

Patients may experience various outcomes from an ‘injectable nose job’ using Volume Enhancement Treatments, which can include: immediate visibility of changes, generally fewer side-effects compared to surgical alternatives, reduced downtime, minimal pain and discomfort, no anesthesia requirement, precise adjustments, and the possibility for subtle refinements.

What is the cost of a non-surgical nose job?

Just like any cosmetic or surgical procedure, the cost of an injectable nose reshaping treatment depends on the shape of the nose and the contouring required as well as your overall expectations.

All patients considering a nose reshaping attend an initial consultation with a cosmetic doctor or nurse injector to discuss their desires for the cosmetic procedure and what’s involved. The cost of this initial consultation is between $120 – $150 and is redeemable if you choose to proceed with the treatment.

The cost of the actual Volume Enhancement Treatment nose job starts from $700.

How does the cost compare to a traditional rhinoplasty?

As a surgical rhinoplasty treatment is more invasive, requiring hospitalisation and general anaesthetic, the cost is much greater.

The total cost of a rhinoplasty in Australia can vary, with an average range between $8,000 – $20,000, subject to the patient’s individual requirements and the specifics of the procedure. Where there is a medical need for plastic surgery, the procedure may be partially covered by Medicare or private health insurance.