With curvaceous celebrities such a Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian in the spotlight and an increase in inspirational fitness enthusiasts trending on Instagram, cosmetic surgery to enhance curves is more popular than ever.

Dr Ajaka told Daily Mail Australia, feminine “curves are definitely in and here to stay”.

27-year-old Melbournian gets the derriere of her dreams at Cosmos Clinic

Tanya Bird, a 27-year-old childcare worker, was one of the many women feeling a little underwhelmed with the size and shape of her derriere. Just over a week ago, she chose to undergo the popular Brazilian Butt Lift procedure at Cosmos Clinic. And while Tanya is still recovering and is yet to get a full look at her new behind in clothing, she told the Daily Mail she couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.

In 2013, Tanya survived a car accident that left her with injuries which affected her ability to do certain exercises at the gym. “After the accident, I couldn’t do heavy squats. So, this year I decided to reward myself with the bum I could have had if I hadn’t of had to go through all that,” Tanya explained in her interview.

She added, “genetically, I wasn’t very gifted in that department.”

With a desire for a more curvaceous derriere, Tanya booked a consultation with Dr Ajaka of Cosmos Clinic who advised a ‘Beyoncé Booty’ would suit the 27-year-old’s frame and expectations.

“It fits with the rest of my body shape. And I have thickish-sort of legs so it fits really well,” Tanya said.

Nothing could diminish Tanya’s enthusiasm for the procedure

When Tanya decided to award herself with the butt of her dreams after surviving a car accident, she was looking forward to finally being able to fill out her clothing better.

Tanya’s procedure first involved removing fat from her stomach, hips and thighs through Vaser 4D Liposuction (also known as Vaser High Definition Liposuction). The highly accurately procedure allowed for fat from these areas to be removed, purified and cleaned, before the healthy fat cells were reinjected into Tanya’s buttocks.

“The whole thing was a lot less painful than I thought it was going to be”, Tanya said.

While total treatment time varies depending on the amount of fat required for increasing the size and shape of the buttocks, Tanya’s procedure only took two hours. Not long after the procedure, Tanya explained she was up and walking around.

To ensure optimal results, Tanya was required to attend the clinic for the next two days for lymphatic drainage massage and have the fat graft checked. Ongoing care was advised for the following two weeks which included wearing a compression garment and regular post-op massages.

Tanya told Daily Mail Australia she intends to spend at least the next four weeks recovering and will allow six weeks before she heads back to the gym.


As Tanya is currently wearing compression garments that extend from her knees to her breasts, she’s yet to enjoy her new asset and see how her curves look in clothing. However, this hasn’t dismissed her excitement and while she expects it ‘will be a bit of a struggle’ to fit into jeans, she’s not too worried. Tanya’s preferred outfit is active wear which includes tights and tees, along with a pair of bright white trainers.

In anticipation of her dream curvaceous derriere, Tanya has already purchased “20 pairs of leggings”, which she’s “finally looking forward to being able to fill out.”

Besides a couple of close friends and her parents, Tanya said no one is yet to see her results. However, the reactions she has received have all been very positive.

“Everyone (is) really happy for me”, she said and the $17,000 surgery has been well worth it.

“It’s a full body makeover. It’s a new person being born”, she said. “I feel more confident and happier now.”

The Brazilian Butt Lift is more popular than ever

Tanya is not the only one inspired by Instagram fitness models and celebrities sporting a curvaceous behind. Dr Ajaka told Daily Mail Australia, the cosmetic procedure is one of the most popular treatments performed at Cosmos Clinic.

Seven years ago, Dr Ajaka was performing three Brazilian Butt Lifts a year. Today, he helps women enhance their behinds at least three times a week.

Dr Ajaka believes social media and celebrities with ‘amazing hourglass figures’ are influencing the growing trend for curves. “Curves are definitely in and here to stay,” he said.

The Brazilian Butt Lift allows women to achieve a number of looks depending on the client’s expectations and their physique. The most popular look Dr Ajaka performs is the ‘Beyoncé’ as it’s the most natural. Also on offer is the ‘Sports Illustrated’ which produces a toned and perky behind, as well as the ‘Kim Kardashian’ which is round and full.

While body trends tend to come and go, Tanya said she is very happy with her decision to undergo the Brazilian But Lift at Cosmos Clinic. She’s prepared if and when the time comes that a big booty is not in vogue, but said: “…to me, boobs and a bum are feminine, and I feel like femininity will never really go out of fashion.”

Most clients Dr Ajaka consults with have been desiring a fuller derriere for a long time before they decide on the surgery and fashion isn’t their main driver. Even though the surgery is permanent, it can be reversed if there is a change of heart in the future.