We all know those people, the ones that eat and eat, and never get fat. We usually secretly hate these people. Unless you are one of them, in which case, you should know, most of your friends probably secretly hate you…

So why can some lucky people be this way, why can they chow down on cakes, chocolate, chips and soft drink yet always stay thin? And why do these people choose to undergo Liposuction when they aren’t even fat?

A recent documentary by the BBC set out to see just why these thin people cannot get fat.

In this documentary, 10 people were made to eat as much food as they could, and all the types of food we are usually told not to eat. Such as fast food, burgers, soft drinks, cakes, cream, milkshakes and more. (Sounds like the dream diet)

These people would have to eat double their normal intake of calories, and do no exercise whatsoever; in fact, each person was given a pedometer to make sure they limit their walking each day to only 5,000 steps. This technique should produce significant weight gain in even the slimmest person.

At least, that’s what we’d assume.

However, about 40 years ago, a different group of scientists tested this theory and got some very unexpected results. Dr Ethan Simms wanted to find out about hormonal changes in our bodies when we become overweight, in order to study this, he had to take a group of average people and make them fat. Over the course of a year, the group was fed as much as they could physically eat, in order to make each person gain an extra 25% of their body weight.

As the study went on, Dr Simms became very concerned about his results. No matter how much they ate, some of the group could not reach the weight gain target. One participant got stuck at 21%, while 2 others could not put on any more than 18% of their body weight, despite eating as much as 10,000 calories a day! The results pointed to a surprising outcome, it seemed that for some people becoming obese is not just unlikely, it’s practically impossible.

Most of us stay the same weight the whole of our adult life. But if it was just our diet keeping us at this same weight, we would have to make sure we eat nearly exactly the same amount of calories each day. According to experts, there is no way humans could consciously control their calorie intake to this extent, therefore it is suggested that we have a genetically predetermined weight, which our body makes sure we stay at. Even if you start eating more delicious foods, giving into temptation, or consciously start exercising more to lose weight, your body will always try to bring you back to that set weight.

So what determines this set weight, and how early is it actually ‘set’?

According to Dr Ellison, events that take place even before we are born can affect our set weight.

“There are now clear and emerging lines of evidence indicating that several factors can have long-term effects on obesity and degree of body fatness throughout life, even when those effects occur in  the womb.” Says Dr Ellison, “Older women tend to have children that are overweight or obese, and we also know that a mother who is overfed, obese, or diabetic at certain portions of the pregnancy will produce offspring that themselves have a greater probability of being overweight or obese’

Scientists are still working on exactly how many factors that may predetermine our weight, but one thing is clear, our size is much less under our control than we think.

Most of us don’t think about what is actually going on underneath our skin when we start gaining inches, but not everybody’s fat is the same and that’s one reason why some of us are bigger than others.

It was way back in the 60’s when people first asked questions about what happens to our fat cells when we gain weight? They could only either increase in size, or increase in number, right? Well in practice, they do both.

When you gain weight the fat cells you have will get bigger and bigger, up to a certain point. The body will then think you must need some new fat cells, and they will be created. The bad news is that once these fat cells are created, and you have passed adolescence, you can never get rid of them. And once they are there it is much easier to gain weight and remain overweight.

So that’s pretty much as close to an answer as we can get for now, thin people stay thin because their weight is set to stay that way. It’s the same reason why it is harder for fatter people to lose weight. But even thin people might have some pockets of fat they cannot get rid of, and now we know why they can’t get rid of those small areas. The fat cells are there, and they aren’t going away!

why do thin people get lipo

And that is why a lot of ‘Thin’ people are getting liposuction, to remove these fat cells and to perfect their body.

The only current way to remove fat cells is through liposuction, or some non-invasive forms of fat removal, such as Coolsculpting.

Coolsculpting is the ultimate option for these ‘thin’ people, who still have some areas of fat they cannot get rid of. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive permanent fat removal treatment, which has no downtime, no scars and no pain. By cooling the affected area to the correct temperature, the fat cells are frozen; these fat cells then die and are removed naturally through the body’s own processes. See our Coolsculpting page for more information.

For those who need a little more fat removed, or would like their body to be nothing less than perfectly sculpted, Vaser Liposuction may be the better option. This will remove the fat cells from areas in which the fat cannot be reduced naturally. Vaser Hi Def Liposuction is used to sculpt the body to a perfect shape, which is the popular option for those people who are called ‘thin’. Vaser Hi Def is so accurate it can remove small amounts of fat from in-between muscles, giving guys instant six packs or girls toned tummies, and from small areas such as the arms or inner thighs, to produce the ultimate toned and athletic physique. See our Vaser Hi Def Liposuction page for more information.