With more and more Australians deciding to go under the knife, the trend of people booking into cosmetic surgery clinics overseas has also started to increase. After all, cosmetic enhancement can be painful not just physically, but also on your wallet. But just what are the risks involved in getting a breast enhancement, liposuction, or nose job overseas?

On average, the cost of certain cosmetic procedures in a country like Thailand can be up to 70% less than having an Australian doctor perform the procedure. This can make the idea of a cut-price breast augmentation or liposuction seem irresistible. Unfortunately, these countries do not have check-points, fellowships and regulatory bodies that a country like Australia has. Also, there is often no guarantee that the physician you will be seeing has the training, expertise, experience, or even qualifications to perform the operation you are considering.

Before jumping on a plane to Phuket, here are the main dangers of plastic surgery tourism:

Your Physician

When flying overseas for a medical procedure, it is often difficult to research your physician. Does he have any history of malpractice? Has he undergone disciplinary action? Does he have the credentials and experience with the procedure he is offering? And has he assessed you thoroughly for suitability for the procedure.

The Clinic

While in Australia there are strict regulations for safety, hygiene and best practice, this is not the case in every country. When flying overseas for an operation, it is often impossible to know whether the medical facilities and equipment a physician is using are safe. To truly reduce the risks involved with cosmetic surgery, you must ensure you are being looked after.

The Post Operative Care

Before undergoing an invasive procedure such as a breast enhancement, breast reduction, or liposculpture, it is important to know what kind of post-operative care has been planned for your operation. After all, if something does go wrong, or there are any unforseen complications, you want to know that your physician and the facilities he has access to can accommodate you safely.

The Best Techniques Available

Many cosmetic physicians in ‘medical tourism’ countries are performing outdated, expensive, and highly invasive procedures where a simpler, less expensive and far less invasive procedure will achieve better results. Before even considering medical tourism, it’s important that you research the very latest cosmetic techniques available.

After all, why undergo a costly, painful and far more risky facelift procedure, when some expertly placed fillers and Anti Wrinkle injections are all you need to take years off your appearance. Or, perhaps instead of a tummy tuck and liposuction, all you really need is totally non-invasive cool sculpting and body tightening laser technology to erase those bumps and lumps.

Whatever you choose, make sure you consider all the risks, and do your research.