A new study, conducted by the University of Toronto, has attempted to gauge the social implications of women who choose to fight the signs of ageing. The study, which divided its participants into two sections, one with the average age of 18 and the other with the average of 70, asked these women what they thought of individual women (whose photos were shown). They were told some background on each woman photographed, as well as whether or not they had used Anti Wrinkle Injections, anti-ageing injectables as well as face creams the like.

Interestingly enough, the women who participants in the study were told had used Anti Wrinkle Injections, were viewed as cold and vain. While those who simply used skin creams were not so harshly judged. The other interesting data to come out of the study was the fact that the women aged 70 on average felt more kindly towards the women who had used anti-ageing technologies than the women aged 18 on average, however, neither group took much of a liking to the Anti Wrinkle Injection users.

 Perception Vs Reality

Perhaps the most key point of the study was the fact that these women had to be told which women used which products. They did not simply judge from appearance alone. Which suggests that the stigma around the use of the products is not their actual appearance, but rather the perceived characteristics of those who would use ‘anti-ageing’ products in the first place. And yet, with whole generations of popular figures such as actresses, singers and politicians now using anti-ageing products such as dermal fillers, Anti Wrinkle Injections, laser technology, and liposuction technologies to look good for their public, it is no wonder they keep such procedures a secret.

Fear and Loathing

It is a commonly accepted fact that we often fear what we do not understand, and certainly despite the plethora of television shows, documentaries and web resources on plastic surgery and anti-ageing technology, there are is a vast majority who simply don’t know much about cosmetic enhancement.

Too much Anti Wrinkle

Unfortunately, as soon as any anti-ageing procedure or technology is created there will always be a small minority who will over use or abuse it and the cosmetic physicians willing to help them. This is why there will always plenty of frozen faces and botched boob jobs to fill New Weekly or Who Magazine and keep the majority of the population in fear about the consequences of using otherwise perfectly safe and reasonable cosmetic procedures like Anti Wrinkle Injections or Dermal Filler injections to maintain rather than transform their appearances.

The illusion of natural beauty

While many women claim to want to age gracefully and naturally like, for example, Betty White, it was recently revealed by Ms White that she has had cosmetic work done to maintain her appearance. The reason this came as such a shock to even her biggest fans was because Betty White’s cosmetic regimen, complimented by surgical help like eye-lid surgery, is a good example of the illusion of natural beauty.

The best way to achieve this look is a few simple steps, such as using daily sunscreen, getting plenty of sleep, a good vitamin A cream. That way the ageing process is slowed to a manageable pace so that if you ever do require a little dermal filler to plump up sagging cheeks, a couple of Anti Wrinkle injections to smooth out a furrowed brow, or even a breast reduction, tummy tuck or eyebrow lift later, you’ll be able to do so without radically changing your appearance, and certainly without ruining it.