Non-surgical nose jobs have become a desirable alternative to the more invasive plastic surgery rhinoplasty procedure. In fact, it is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures offered at our Gold Coast Cosmos Aesthetics.

If you’re looking for minor alterations to your nose shape but don’t want to go under the knife, an “injectable nose job” may be an effective treatment option.

Here, we discuss the cosmetic surgery procedure in more detail including what’s involved, the types of dermal fillers used and the permanence of the results.

What is a non-surgical nose job?

A non-surgical nose job is a reshaping cosmetic treatment that uses injectable dermal fillers to contour areas of the nose.

It is an effective treatment for those looking to achieve a more desirable shape to enhance their natural beauty without the need for traditional rhinoplasty. Using dermal fillers, bumps and indentations can be filled in, contouring can result in the nose shape appearing smaller and the nasal tip can be corrected.

Here are just some of the corrections this non-surgical procedure can offer:

  • Flat bridge correction: Dermal Fillers can be used to create a subtle increase in height
  • Symmetry correction: Slightly crooked or off-centre nose
  • Camouflage: A bump or hook on the bridge of the nose
  • Create Balance: The size of the nose in comparison with other facial features
  • Shape refinement: Following surgical rhinoplasty
  • Other minor concerns: To achieve improvement

Not only does an “injectable nose job” help you avoid more invasive reconstructive or plastic surgery, but it’s also much more affordable.

What does a non-surgical nose job involve?

Non-surgical nose jobs are performed at our Cosmos Aesthetics’, including the Gold Coast, by an experienced cosmetic injector.

The initial consultation

Before you undergo the cosmetic procedure, the areas and extent of treatment will be discussed during an initial consultation. You’ll have the opportunity to share your desired results and any concerns relating to the procedure of filler injections, including recovery, side effects and long-term results will be answered.

The procedure

On the day of your cosmetic treatment, an anaesthetic cream and/or an ice pack will be applied to help numb the treated areas of the face. While the cosmetic procedure is relatively pain-free, especially compared to more invasive procedures, this will help to minimise any discomfort.

The dermal filler product, which also contains a local anaesthetic, will be strategically injected to help reshape your nose and enhance the natural beauty of your facial features.

The total treatment time can be as little as 30 minutes and you’ll see the results almost instantaneously. You may only experience some slight redness and swelling after the non-surgical nose job procedure, which means you can visit our cosmetic clinic in your lunch break!

The minor redness, tenderness and swelling may persist for about a week after your injectables. However, the procedure doesn’t require you to set designated recovery time or alter your usual activities.

What dermal fillers are used?

There is a wide range of injectables and dermal fillers on the market in Australia with the most common being hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are made of complex sugars that are naturally occurring in the body. As we age, we gradually lose this substance which can result in sagging and wrinkling of the skin. Using hyaluronic acid injectables allows doctors to restore the lost volume and smooth out the skin to provide natural results.

That’s why dermal fillers are a popular method not only for nose reshaping but also for facelifts, wrinkle injections or even preventative skincare.

One of the reasons Cosmos Aesthetics opt to use hyaluronic acid injectables is that being a naturally occurring substance it is compatible with the body. Rejection risk is reduced and side effects minimised, making it a relatively safe cosmetic procedure.

Are the results permanent?

The results of a non-surgical nose job that uses dermal fillers aren’t permanent with corrections and contouring tending to last 18-24 months.

While it may mean you’ll need to return to Cosmos Aesthetics in the future for a touch-up, the impermanence of dermal fillers does have their advantages when compared to plastic surgery rhinoplasty or permanent liquid fillers.

Firstly, the injectables can be dissolved and the areas altered during treatment in order to achieve the desired results. Secondly, the body can break them down and thirdly, if you choose not to change your natural features in the future, you don’t have to undergo the procedure again returning to your original profile.