This week, during an interview on Korean Television, wildly popular Korean pop singer Kim Hyun Joong admitted to having had rhinoplasty (nose job) to improve his appearance.

During the interview on Korean station MBC’s show ‘Knee-Drop Guru’, host Kang Ho Dong asked Kim whether his looks were natural or the work of a surgeon, to which he replied, “It’s God-given but the doctor put the finishing touch on it.” He also went on to say that his nose had been hit by a rock and that while undergoing treatment for the injury he had some cosmetic enhancement done at the same time.

But while it is obvious from reviewing before and after photos of several Korean celebrities that plastic surgery is possible, this latest development is indicative of a larger trend that is seeing more and more men seeking out cosmetic treatments, and fewer men feeling the need to lie about it.

Reasons for men to go under the knife

There are men of all ages and all nationalities who now seek out surgeons. There are men in their twenties and thirties who simply want to ‘freshen’ their look, whether to get ahead in their careers or improve their confidence with the opposite sex. Then there are men in middle age who feel they look tired, or prematurely old. In other words, they don’t feel that they look the way they feel.

Whatever their reasons, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, between 2000 and 2005 there was an almost fifty percent increase in non-invasive cosmetic procedures being requested by men. And this figure only continues to grow.

The most popular procedures for men

So the obvious question is: what are all these men having done. Well while the kinds of procedures always vary from case to case, there are the two proceedures that seem to be top of men’s cosmetic hit list.

Anti Wrinkle Injections

The number one non-surgical procedure being requested by men is the muscle relaxant injection. Used with great effect to smooth unwanted crowsfeet, frown lines and premature wrinkles, Anti Wrinkle Injections are as effective on men as it is on women. The only difference is that because Men’s muscles tend to be stronger, more doses of Anti Wrinkle Injections are required for any one area.

This doesn’t make the procedure any more dangerous, it just makes it a little harder on the wallet.


It is a well known fact that for most men, every year brings another kilo to their average weight. And while diet and exercise can help, sometimes a little cosmetic help can go a long way. Luckily, traditional liposuction isn’t the only treatment available, thanks to the new Liquid Lipo procedure.

Also known as Bodyjet, liquid lipo uses a highly concentrated stream of water, in a far less invasive procedure to dissolve fat cells in troublesome areas of the body such as the love handles and tummy, while leaving the surrounding cells unharmed. This means that unlike traditional liposuction, Liquid Lipo is far less stressful on your body, has a much quicker recovery time, and because the technique does not cause as much swelling or bruising, allows the surgeon to create smoother more natural results.

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