With so many new and cryptic sounding cosmetic procedures flooding the market (and even more cryptic advertising used to sell them), finding out exactly what is now possible in the anti-ageing industry can be confusing to the uninitiated. What makes it worse is now the cosmetics companies are tacking onto this trend, promising the results of anti wrinkle injections in a jar, or, worse still, the results of a face lift in your daily moisturiser.

The Truth

The truth is, that while those ‘miracle creams’ created and sold for ridiculous prices by major cosmetic companies still don’t deliver on their promises, the true liquid facelift can achieve and supersede the results of a traditional facelift.

Using a combination of dermal fillers such, muscle relaxant injections, and injectables that stimulate your natural collagen production, it is now possible for a skilled cosmetic practitioner to help you turn back the clock in a matter of a couple of hours, and without a scalpel in sight.

Dermal Fillers

Created using a compound, which is found naturally in the human body, Dermal Fillers can be injected, in varying concentrations, into key points in the mid-face to not only ‘fill’ it out, but also lift the cheeks and sagging facial skin to a far more youthful position. Simply by the act of rejuvenating hollows around eyes, erasing or diminishing deeply ingrained frown lines and crows feet, and evening out bony cheeks and noses, these products can restore the face to a far more youthful, glowing and healthy appearance

Anti Wrinkle Injections

For many, the most prominent sign of ageing is the appearance of wrinkles, particularly around the forehead, brow and eyes. As we age, for example, our brows begin to succumb to the force not only of gravity, but of muscles inside our forehead that push and pull our brows up and down. With a few carefully placed Anti Wrinkle injections, these muscles can be relaxed, allowing a subtle but noticeable lift in the brow, creating a far more youthful, relaxed expression. Similarly, many of us develop crows’ feet and lines around the outside of our mouths as we age. With a few carefully placed Anti Wrinkle injections, the sides of the mouth can go from being pulled down, creating a sour ‘cranky’ look, to having a slight upward bend, again giving a far more friendly, youthful look to the mouth and eyes.

Collagen Enhancing Injections

Depending on our age, sometimes the amount of collagen lost in the face can be great, which is why products which not only refill the areas of collagen lost, but actually stimulate the growth of new collagen can be extremely effective. Cosmos has such a product. Injected in a similar way to dermal fillers, and often making the perfect companion product to both Anti Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Filler injections, Collagen enhancing injections allow a patient’s natural collagen production to gradually increase, creating a totally natural looking, and youthful transformation of the face

A final note

Unfortunately, because of the apparent ease of creating the liquid facelift, there are many cosmetic practitioners now keen to offer it, regardless of their cosmetic experience or prior qualifications. Before undergoing any of these procedures make sure you find an experienced cosmetic practitioner. After all, while these technologies are highly effective, they still need skilled hands to implement them correctly.