There are many problematic areas that can be successfully addressed with Dermal Fillers from fine lines to loss of volume. If you seek the help of an experienced and qualified injector, follow the aftercare recommendations and use quality Dermal Fillers, you could be feeling rejuvenated after just one cosmetic treatment.

What issues can be addressed with Dermal Fillers

At our Sydney, Australia clinic, we receive a range of enquiries and questions for filler injections to correct or enhance certain areas of the face. One of the most common FAQs we receive is ‘what areas can Dermal Fillers treat?’. Here we take a look at the popular treatment areas for cosmetic injections.

1. Lips

Dermal Filler treatments can enhance the lips by restoring lost volume, improving the symmetry and defining the lip border. They can also be used to minimise the appearance of vertical lip lines on both the top and bottom lips.

2. Corners of the mouth

Due to the constant movement of the mouth area, the corners of the mouth are often vulnerable to lines and sagging, emphasising age and making the individual appear sad. Dermal Filler injections can be used to reduce the appearance of the lines and fill in any deep indentations.

3. Nasolabial folds and nose

Nasolabial folds present around the sides of the nose running down to the corners of the individual’s mouth are also common problem areas that cause an aged appearance. By filling in and smoothing out these deep folds and lines, Dermal Fillers can help restore your youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are also used to help reshape the nose as an alternative to nose surgery.

4. Chin

Injectable fillers can be used to help enhance the features of the chin which can often appear too small or out of balance with the rest of the individual’s face. For women, Dermal Fillers can soften the profile and for men, it can make the chin more defined.

5. Jowls and Jawline

As we age, gravity takes hold and we experience sagging particularly to the lower face as our collagen and elastin reduce. Hyaluronic acid filler injections can help to reshape the jawline and restore the sagging of the jowls that may be aging the appearance of the face significantly.

6. Cheeks

Rejuvenation of the cheeks can be achieved with Dermal Fillers by restoring the volume loss. Adding more volume to achieve a plump cheek or contouring the cheek line for a more chiselled look can dramatically affect the appearance of the entire face.

7. Tear Troughs and hollows under the eye

Dark circles referred to as tear troughs, or hollows under the eye can make you look tired and aged. Dermal Fillers can help to refresh the face by filling out the volume loss in the treatment area and restoring the youthful appearance.

8. All over facelift

While Dermal Fillers can be used to treat just one injection site, treating multiple areas at once can rejuvenate the face and give the individual an alternative to facelift cosmetic surgery. This is a common option for many as aging and volume loss typically doesn’t occur in just one area.