Having children can be one of the most fulfilling experiences, as you watch your body transform into something miraculous before creating a precious new person to bring into your life.  However, for some women pregnancy can also create feelings of self-consciousness as the skin of the abdomen, breasts and thighs stretch leading to sagging, isolated deposits of fat and stretch marks.

Liposuction has become a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for mums who want to work towards regaining their pre-pregnancy figure.  With kids running around, washing to be done, food to be cooked and bills to pay, it may feel as though there is not enough time to worry about your appearance.  However, when the craziness dies down at the end of a long day and your standing in front of the mirror, those extra kilos may be too difficult to ignore.

We are seeing a rise in the number of mums choosing liposuction

Despite their busy schedule, many mums have made the choice to lose the extra weight and get their body back in shape.  By exercising when there is time to spare and adhering to a healthy diet, some of the weight may start to disappear. However, for many mums regardless of how hard they workout, they have not been able to achieve their desired results, which is why we are seeing an increase in the women turning to liposuction post pregnancy.

Here’s a few reasons why as a mum liposuction might be the right option for you.

  • Your expectations are realistic
    If you are thinking of undergoing liposuction to improve your post-pregnancy body, it is important you have realistic expectations about your results. One of the most common misconceptions we see associated with liposuction procedures is that it is a weight loss solution, which will instantly make you thin with the ‘perfect’ figure.If you don’t maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise post your liposuction treatment, your results will simply not last long term.
  • Your weight is stable
    It is natural for your weight to fluctuate for a period of time after you have had your baby as your body returns to normal. As you begin to get back into your normal regime of healthy eating and exercising, you may even find you will lose most of the weight you gained during pregnancy.   Breastfeeding also has an effect on your weight with many new mums finding it helps to lose some kilos.For optimum results, we suggest you wait for a period of time after your delivery until your weight stabilises and your healthy habits are restored.  Undergo liposuction too soon, and you may gain weight back not long after the procedure.
  • Your emotions are in check
    While every mum has a unique pregnancy, one thing’s for sure is that welcoming a new person into your life is an emotional experience.  Joy, love and anxiety all mix together and for parents it can be pretty overwhelming.  Postpartum is an emotional roller coaster of hormones, sleep deprivation and stress.It takes time to adjust after the arrival of a baby, so it is important to ensure your emotions are in check prior to your surgery.  Once you have made the decision to have cosmetic surgery, it is equally important you have control over your emotions.  There is no need to feel guilt or fear being judged by others.  If liposuction is what you feel will make you more confident and happy, than be okay with that and you will find the negative feelings disappear.
  • You’re doing this for you
    Regardless of what area you want to correct, whether it is a flabby stomach, sagging breasts or chubby thighs, you want to make sure you are undergoing cosmetic surgery for you and only you.  It is important your decision is not based on what you think someone else wants for you or societal pressure.Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery isn’t one to be taken lightly and it is important you are doing it to improve your own self-esteem and bring back the confidence you may have had pre-baby.


Mummy Tummy Liposuction one of the most popular post-pregnancy procedures

Without a doubt one of the most common problems we see at Cosmos Clinic within women post-pregnancy is a build-up of fat deposits in the abdominal area as well as sagging skin.  Weight gain, hormonal fluctuations and the growth of the uterus are the main causes of skin being stretched during pregnancy.

On average, women gain 10-15kgs during their pregnancy and it is common to see the uterus enlarge from the size of a lime to that of a large watermelon! This growth causes the muscles to stretch and often spilt as well as skin to stretch out to accommodate a growing baby.

The Mummy Tummy Liposuction procedure can be an option for many to reduce the fat in the abdomen and tighten some of that loose skin.  This is particularly helpful for women who have been unable to get rid of the excess fat through diet and exercise or who have lost a considerable amount of weight quickly post-pregnancy.  It can also be helpful in reduce the unsightly stretch marks that are caused by skin stretching.

Coined “Mummy Tummy Magic”, the liposuction procedure is non-invasive and often, a great alternative to the more invasive abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure.  By using the technology of Vaser Liposuction, the procedure is designed to flatten and tighten the stomach whilst achieving a more toned and contoured look.

Tummy liposuction is a ‘walk in walk out’ and patients usually only require one to two days off work, making it very appealing for busy mums.

Liposuction vs a total mummy makeover

A few years ago, total mummy makeovers were growing in popularity as an increasing number of women sort to get back their pre-baby body.  A mummy makeover is a procedure that consists of an abdominoplasty to remove loose skin and regain firmness and a breast augmentation including breast lift or reduction under the one surgery.

While a total mummy makeover is a common procedure, it is more invasive than liposuction, more expensive and recovery can be painful. Liposuction is a more suitable option for those wanting to remove the stubborn pockets of fat that they haven’t been able to reduce with exercise and diet, as well as improve their shape.

Taking care of your kids during cosmetic surgery recovery

One of the biggest concerns we have from mothers seeking to undergo cosmetic surgery is the recovery time.  With kids to look after, being out of action can be an inconvenience and put strain on a household. It is important to understand that any cosmetic surgery procedure does come with necessary recovery time, however some require more time than others.

  • Recovery from Liposuction
    One of the benefits of liposuction is that most patients can step straight back to their normal routines, with some limitations, fairly quickly. It would be beneficial for your recovery to have some help with the kids in the first two to three days.
  • Recovery from breast lift
    Patients can resume their daily activities and work usually within two to three days. It would be advisable mums don’t lift their toddlers for two to three weeks post-surgery.
  • Recovery from breast augmentation
    Recovery from breast augmentation surgery is usually a little longer with most patients being advised they can resume work after four days with limitations, hit the gym in about two weeks and back to their normal routines three to four weeks post-surgery. It is important someone take care of the kids for a few days after the procedure and not to lift their toddler during the first two to three weeks of recovery.
  • Recovery from tummy tuck
    Patients who undergo a tummy tuck require more recovery time and are recommended to spend a few days free of their children. It is important mums don’t lift their children for about four weeks as well as get assistance with the household chores while recovering.


For mums feeling self-conscious about the effects pregnancy has had on their bodies, cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction can be very appealing.  Some women find no amount of time spent working out at the gym can rid them of sagging skin and extra pockets of fat.  Cosmetic surgery can be a welcome solution to regain their pre-pregnancy shape, increasing their confidence and overall happiness.