There are many examples out there of celebrities who most people would describe as a plastic surgery don’t. The late Michael Jackson, Lisa Rinna, Joan Rivers, and Dolly Parton are just a few.

But many of these famous stars began their cosmetic surgery journey long before many of the latest advancements that now exist to maintain your appearance rather than trying ‘transform’ or change it. When it comes to ageing and maintaining and enhancing your natural beauty, today’s cosmetic physicians have found that prevention is truly the best cure.

The Liquid Facelift

There are now a range of hi-tech fillers and injectable muscle relaxants that are able to refresh, rejuvenate and maintain facial fullness and youthfulness without a scalpel in sight. Here is a summary of the some of the best non-surgical cosmetic solutions available today that will stop you from undergoing a premature face-lift, or resorting to irreversible and unpredictable fat transfer procedures (where fat is removed via liposuction then transferred to other parts of the body).

Anti Wrinkle Injections

With a few simple injections, a skilled physician can quickly eliminate crows feet and superficial wrinkles. While in the past people would resort to facelifts and highly invasive surgery to literally ‘stretch’ wrinkles away, you no longer have to live with a ‘windswept’ look to stay youthful.

Dermal Fillers

While in the past, the doctors would offer patients with unharmonious facial dimensions implants for the cheek, chin or nose, dermal fillers can now create youthful fullness and a more pleasing symmetry at a fraction of the cost and with a fraction of the risk. Just a few subtly placed injections can bring sagging cheeks and hollow tired looking eyes back to fullness, not to mention frail hands and deep wrinkles.

Available in various levels of strength, Dermal Fillers can even be used to correct or enhance your nose or turn up the corners of sagging lips.


Forget highly abrasive skin creams and sulphuric acid peels, microdermabrasion is a simple, non-invasive and highly effective way to regain a healthy glow and a radiant complexion. When we age our skin tends to thicken, especially the top layer, which is designed to protect us from the sun and the elements. Unfortunately this thickening can give our skin a dull, leathery appearance. And while exfoliation, whether by a simple scrub or a loofah, can be effective, our facial skin is some of the most delicate in our body. This is why the best treatment to maintain our skin’s youthful appearance is microdermabrasion – a process whereby a vacuum tip draws very fine crystals across the skin’s surface, removing dead cells and leaving your face sparkling and glowing.


Because harmful UV rays contribute to most premature ageing issues, especially in countries like Australia, wearing a sunscreen daily that contains what are known as ‘physical blockers’ of harmful UVA and UVB rays is vital. It is known that skin loses approximately 1% of its collagen and elastic tissue per year after age 25, but the ultraviolet, or UV rays of the sun are the ones that physically ‘age’ the skin. UVB rays are short wave UV rays and are the primary cause of tanning, sunburn and skin cancer. UVA rays are long wave rays and are the main contributor to ageing. That’s why before you purchase a sunscreen, make sure it is strong enough (30+ is perfect for Australian conditions) and that is contains blockers for both UVA and UVB. These sunscreens usually contain Zinc Oxide and or Titanium Dioxide.