When we hear of the word Anti Wrinkle Injections, many of us think of removing those nasty lines around our face. While this is certainly true, here are some other cosmetic uses that you may have never heard about. In case you are interested, we have also included a link for more information to read up on, or as always, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

1. Eyebrow lift – not happy with the shape or height of your eyebrows, then the use of the Anti Wrinkle Injections can assist in redefining your look. At Cosmos, we have found that this treatment is most popular with female models.

2. Opening eyes Anti Wrinkle Injections can be used to increase the eye aperture, making a patients eye seem larger to the naked eye. At Cosmos, we have found that this treatment is popular amongst people with an Asian heritage.

3. Gummy smile – too much gum makes you embarrassed about your smile? It can certainly take away from a lovely smile.  Anti Wrinkle Injections assist in lowering your mouth and hence removing that gummy smile.

4. Chin – as we age, our chin has a tendency to point up, looking like an orange peel. Anti Wrinkle Injections assist in dropping the chin to where it sat in your 20’s, hence removing the orange peel look.

5. Square face – feel that your face looks too square? This is very common in people who grind their teeth often, which also can lead to headaches. Anti Wrinkle Injections can soften the jaw muscles that cause your face to generate this look. This helps to restore the youthful triangle look that appears in models. Again, at Cosmos, this treatment is most popular amongst patients with an Asian heritage.

6. Slimmer legs with calf contouring – many women naturally have large calf muscles relative to the shape of their legs. Large calf muscles can stop women from putting on the boots that they love and can also at times, look masculine. They can also cause a lot of pain when walking up hills or for long periods. Anti Wrinkle Injections relaxes this muscle, giving you slimmer legs. At Cosmos, this treatment is most popular with female athletes.

7. Hyperhidrosis-finding that you are sweating too much? A very common problem amongst Australians, especially given our strong sun. Anti Wrinkle Injections assist in reducing sweating in quite embarrassing areas such as the forehead, armpits, palms (sweaty hands) and soles of feet (smelly feet).  It does this by stopping the communication between the nerve and the sweat gland thereby reducing the sweating. At Cosmos, we find this treatment is very popular amongst businessmen, who find it embarrassing having sweaty palms and sweaty hands.

8. Pointy nose tip – find that your nose tips down? Anti Wrinkle Injections can help with a simple injection just under the nose. This will help in correcting the nose dip making your nose appear straight.

9. Sad face – as you age the corners of the mouth droop downwards making you look sad. Injecting the muscle that pulls the corners of the mouth with Anti Wrinkle Injections, stops that sad look.

10. Saggy jowls and neck bands – do you find that as you age, your jowl and neck seem to become saggy? Again, this is a very common feature as we age, however Anti Wrinkle Injections into the neckbands and along the jawline can help with saggy jowls.

We hope you have learnt something new about Anti Wrinkle Injections and from a cosmetic view, just how useful they can be.