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Gynecomastia is a condition that causes breast tissue enlargement in boys and men. People jokingly call them 'man boobs', although excess glandular tissue can be a source of embarrassment, depression and anxiety for men of all ages. It's estimated that approximately half of boys going through puberty and up to two-thirds of men over 50 will experience some degree of gynecomastia.

2-3 days off work

Compression garments for 3-6 weeks


Results seen in 6 weeks

Results varies from patient to patient

Man Boobs Liposuction Results


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    We’re ready to answer any of your questions, call or ask us below



    Vaser Liposuction removes 'man boobs'

    It can take up to six weeks after a gynecomastia procedure for results to begin appearing. At this stage, we will take post-operative photos to assess your surgical progress, although it may take up to three to six months for your final results to become visible. To achieve the best results, you must carefully adhere to your doctor’s pre-operative and post-operative instructions.

    Following a male breast reduction, you can expect to enjoy a more masculine appearance, which can significantly improve your self-esteem.

    What is Gynecomastia or “Man Boobs”?

    Breast enlargement in men can happen when the balance between testosterone and estrogen in the body is thrown off. All boys are born with a small amount of breast tissue that’s similar to women. Usually, a dominant secretion of testosterone in a man’s body keeps the breast tissue in check. When men’s bodies make less testosterone, the presence of estrogen can cause male breast tissue to swell. Gynecomastia normally affects both breasts equally, although one side can sometimes become larger than the other.

    If your hormonal imbalance doesn’t resolve on its own, and your breast enlargement is accompanied by swelling, inflammation, discharge or pain, see a doctor right away. Fortunately, you have many gynecomastia treatment options available in the Canberra area.

    Vaser Liposuction removes ‘man boobs.’

    Vaser treatment for gynecomastia is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure that targets breast tissue with ultrasonic (sound) energy. At Cosmos Clinic, this technique has been extremely successful at eradicating all of the glandular tissue and excess chest fat. In fact, this treatment offers male patients a one-stop, permanent solution for ‘man boobs.’

    We can also combine male breast reduction surgery with High Def Vaser, a procedure that can give your entire chest and abdomen area a more defined and sculpted appearance. Each year, we help hundreds of men regain their self-esteem by enhancing their masculine physique.

    The gynecomastia procedure

    The male chest has historically been considered a difficult area to perform traditional liposuction on, with many doctors comparing it to breaking a “brick of fat” into tiny pieces. However, at Cosmos Clinic Canberra, we use Vaser liposuction, a newer technique that makes it easier to extract fat cells and male breast tissue. Vaser is designed to separate the fat cells from the fibrous tissue, which changes that brick consistency to something more similar to melted butter.

    Once sedated, your Cosmos Clinic doctor will inject a local anaesthetic mixed with a saline solution into the chest, which is done to keep your body numb and comfortable during the procedure. Your doctor will then make a small incision in the chest, through which the Vaser ultrasound probe is inserted to break up the fatty tissue. A cannula is then used to suction both fat cells and glandular tissue out of the chest. After the procedure, some of the anaesthetic and saline fluid will remain in the body to numb any post-procedural pain, although this will be absorbed within a few days.

    Following a male breast reduction, the removed fat cells and glandular tissue will never return, and it will be much harder to put weight back on in the chest area.

    Recovering from a male breast reduction

    Gynecomastia surgery requires minimal downtime, and most patients return home on the same day as their procedure. While some bruising and swelling are to be expected, you can alleviate any pain with medication prescribed by your doctor. Regardless, the recovery period is rather easy, with most patients returning to work within two to three days.

    Following your procedure, you will need to wear a compression garment for three to six weeks to minimise swelling and improve skin retraction. We may also recommend you visit the clinic for post-operative lymphatic massages, which will be performed by our onsite physiotherapist or nurse. You will most likely require two to four treatments over a two week period.

    Benefits of gynecomastia surgery

    • Achieve a more masculine chest: Using liposuction techniques, gyno surgery creates a more masculine appearance by removing excess fat and glandular tissue from the chest. Once recovered, you can enjoy a firmer, flatter chest.
    • Relieve chafing, rashes and skin irritation: Many men with gynecomastia experience chafing, rashes, and skin irritation when exercising due to their excess folds of skin rubbing together. Removing this unwanted fat and tissue can relieve this discomfort and encourage you to enjoy a more active lifestyle.
    • Fit into your clothing better: Men with gynecomastia often wear unflattering baggy clothes in an attempt to hide their man boobs. After surgery, you have the confidence to show off your new chest contour with better fitting clothing and may even feel comfortable taking off your shirt at the gym, pool or beach.
    • Improve your self-confidence: It’s quite common for men with gynecomastia to lack confidence in their appearance, sometimes to the point that they feel depressed, anxious or go out of their way to avoid social activities. A male breast reduction can resolve these negative feelings and improve your confidence.

    Why choose Cosmos Clinic, Canberra?

    At Cosmos Clinic, we have over ten years of experience in liposuction and have performed over 20,000 liposuction and fat transfer procedures in this time. We were the first practice in New South Wales to own a Vaser Liposuction machine, which we now use nationwide to treat man boobs. In fact, we now own the most Vaser systems in the world!

    If you don’t live in Canberra, the team at Cosmos Clinic treat dozens of interstate and international patients each year. Therefore, we have procedures set in place for patients travelling to our clinics for surgery. If you are considering travelling to Canberra for a male breast reduction, please send us images of your chest and let us know where you’re located so that our team can include all of the appropriate information for you in your personalised quote.

    *Results may vary from patient to patient.
    **All photos are of patients from Cosmos Clinic, and all ‘after’ images are taken 6 weeks post operation.

    What causes gynecomastia?

    Both men and women have fat cells and breast tissue in the chest, which can swell and become breasts. Men can develop male breasts due to a number of factors, including:

    • Genetics
    • Hormonal changes
    • Obesity and weight fluctuations
    • Certain diseases, such as chronic liver or kidney disease
    • Certain medications
    • Over-use of recreational drugs, such as alcohol, anabolic steroids and marijuana

    While men can develop gynecomastia at any time, it is more common in teenagers and middle-aged men. Gynecomastia is relatively common, yet it remains a sensitive issue for many men. If you are deeply unhappy with the appearance of your chest, it could be time to consider surgery.

    Am I a candidate for gyno surgery?

    If you fit the following surgery, you could be a suitable candidate for a male breast reduction:

    • You have realistic expectations regarding what gyno surgery can achieve
    • You are in good physical and mental health
    • You are self-conscious or bothered by the appearance of your enlarged breast tissue or “man boobs”
    • You have experienced physical discomforts as a result of your breast size
    • Alternative medical treatments have failed to treat your gynecomastia
    • You are a non-smoker and do not use recreational drugs

    To best determine whether you are a suitable candidate for a male breast reduction, we recommend meeting with our doctors for a consultation at Cosmos Clinic Canberra.

    Do I need to be a certain age to have gynecomastia surgery?

    Gynecomastia is common in teenage boys due to the hormonal fluctuations that occur during adolescence. Despite that, we usually recommend that patients wait until they have turned 18 to consider surgery, as man boobs often resolve on their own after puberty. If you have a severe case of gynecomastia that is seriously impacting your self-confidence and quality of life, you may be suitable for earlier surgery.

    What is the difference between liposuction and surgical excision?

    A male breast reduction can be performed using liposuction, surgical excision or a combination of both. At Cosmos Clinic, we use liposuction in all of our gynecomastia procedures.

    Liposuction is ideal for patients whose male breasts are caused by excess fatty tissue. During surgery, your doctor will inject fluid into the chest before making a small incision to insert a cannula. The cannula is moved back and forth to loosen the excess fat, which is then vacuumed out of the body.

    However, in cases where excess skin needs to be removed or the areola and nipple need to be removed or repositioned, we will refer you to a doctor who performs surgical excision. This procedure requires general anaesthesia and makes an incision around the nipple.

    Although most men are candidates for liposuction, our doctors will recommend the best approach for you during a consultation

    What is Vaser Liposuction?

    We use Vaser in all of our liposuction procedures at Cosmos Clinic Canberra. VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) is a newer development in surgical liposuction and uses sound waves to dissolve and liquefy fat cells.

    No matter the technique, all liposuction procedures follow the same process: fat deposits are broken up and suctioned from the body using saline solution, anaesthesia and a cannula. However, Vaser differs from other methods as it uses ultrasound waves to generate heat, which more effectively breaks up the fat cells for easier removal from the body and tightens the skin.1.

    Are my man boobs caused by breast tissue or fat?

    The best way to determine this is to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. However, as a general rule, breast tissue is firmer and denser in consistency than fat. Either way, Vaser liposuction can remove both glandular tissue and excess fat to restore a more masculine chest.

    How do I prepare for my gynecomastia procedure?

    During your gynecomastia consultation at Cosmos Clinic, your doctor will provide you with specific pre-operative instructions. Smokers will need to quit at least two weeks before surgery, as smoking can slow healing and increase surgical consultations. In addition, your doctor may advise that you avoid certain medications and supplements that may cause excessive bleeding during and after surgery. It is also a great idea to prepare for recovery before surgery by purchasing some comfortable clothing, filling any prescriptions, and preparing some healthy meals. We also suggest arranging for someone to pick you up from the hospital and helping at home for a few days.

    How long does gyno surgery take?

    The length of time spent in the operating theatre is dependent on the amount of fat and glandular tissue removed by your doctor. Usually, a male breast reduction takes between one and three hours to complete.

    Is the procedure painful?

    Gyno surgery is performed under local anaesthesia and sedation, which means that you will not feel any pain during the procedure. If you experience any pain or discomfort during recovery, you can alleviate this with medication prescribed by your doctor.

    Is a male breast reduction suitable for massive weight loss patients?

    Going through massive weight loss is a considerable feat that can change the body in various ways. Unfortunately, many men who have experienced significant weight loss are left with stubborn fat deposits that don’t seem to shift, and the chest is a common problem area.

    This unwanted fat can leave you unsatisfied with your weight loss accomplishments and can dramatically lower self-esteem. If you are experiencing this, a male breast reduction can recontour the chest and help you achieve a more sculpted appearance.

    When will I see the results of my male breast reduction?

    You should notice an immediate improvement in your chest contour after surgery, although you will need to wait for post-operative swelling to subside before your final results become visible. Your results will gradually improve over the next three to six months, after which all swelling should be gone.

    Are gyno surgery results permanent?

    The results of your male breast reduction can be permanent, although further weight fluctuations, hormone imbalances and use of recreational drugs may cause new breast tissue to develop. Given this, you should ensure to treat any underlying conditions before considering liposuction surgery.

    What can I do to maintain my results?

    If you want your gyno surgery results to last for years to come, we suggest reaching a sustainable goal weight before undergoing surgery. Further weight loss can mar results with the appearance of unflattering excess skin, while additional weight gain can cause your male breasts to redevelop. You can maintain your weight, and therefore results, by enjoying a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and regular exercise. We also advise against taking recreational drugs after surgery, as this can also interfere with results.

    Will I have noticeable scarring after surgery?

    Scarring is an inevitable consequence of any invasive procedure. However, significant scarring following gynecomastia surgery is rare, as the liposuction incisions are only small and can be hidden in the natural contours of the chest.

    Are there any risks and side effects associated with gynecomastia surgery?

    Despite Vaser being a safer liposuction option, all invasive procedures have risk. However, severe complications after a male breast reduction are rare, and we’ve performed thousands of gynecomastia procedures at Cosmos Clinic without incident. Some of the potential side effects to be aware of may include:

    • Bruising and bleeding
    • Pain and aching
    • Numbness
    • Persistent swelling
    • Asymmetry of the chest
    • Poor scarring
    • Fluid accumulation under the skin
    • Skin irregularities
    • Changes in breast and nipple sensation
    • Blood clots

    How much does a male breast reduction cost?

    We know that cost is a huge factor in our patient’s decision to undergo cosmetic surgery at Cosmos Clinic. Unfortunately, gynecomastia surgery does not fit a one price fits all strategy, and costs will vary from patient to patient. You can expect the cost of your male breast reduction to be broken down into the fees charged by the hospital, your anaesthetist and your Cosmos Clinic doctor.

    • Hospital fees: Your hospital fees will include the time spent in the operating theatre, as well as the time spent recovery from anaesthesia.
    • Anaesthetist fees: Your anaesthetist fees can vary, depending on the experience of your anaesthetist and the type of anaesthesia used during your procedure.
    • Doctor’s fees: The fee charged by your Cosmos Clinic doctor will depend on their surgical experience and the complexity of your procedure.

    At Cosmos Clinic Canberra, our gynecomastia procedures start at $5,500. Keep in mind that this cost can vary, depending on the factors mentioned above. To receive the most accurate quote, please get in touch to book a consultation with our doctors.


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