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What does one area of liposuction involve?

One area of liposuction involves both arms or both love handles. So starting from the top of the body, I'll go through the different areas of liposuction that are available to a patient at Cosmos Aesthetics. The face, the lower face, the neck, the chest, whether it be breast on a male or on a female. For a female to be appropriate for breasts, you need to have a lot of fatty tissue, not gland. The upper tummy, which is above the belly button. The lower tummy, which is below the belly button. Sometimes you do the supra-pubic, which is a bit above the pubic area. The love handles, then there's the bit below the bra which is called the lower back, which is not very common in guys, but very common in females. The upper back above the bra or the lats in the guys. The arms includes the side of the arms, okay. This axillary tail here is part of the upper back. Going down in the legs, we've got inner thighs, the outer thighs, we've got the front of the thighs, we've got the knees, we've got the calves and we have the ankles. And some people also like to liposuction the buttock, but in this day and age, that's not a common procedure. In the back of the thigh, there's something called the banana roll which sits just below the buttock. We can take a little bit of fat there if necessary, but we don't like to take too much fat out otherwise, the bum can drop in and get a double bum roll. So we need to be really careful in that area. With the rest of the posterior thigh or the back of the thigh, very rarely is there any fat there and rarely do we do this area. And finally, the buffalo hump, which sits just here and is common in people who have long-term steroid use for medical reasons.