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International and Interstate Patients

For the international patients, it's best to send an email to us and then we can give you a quote. And once you're happy with the quote, we can give you a call. One of the doctors will call you and discuss the whole procedure. Once you're happy with everything, we can meet you the day before the procedure. And then after the procedure, you need to stay here - if you're having liposuction, I would suggest two weeks, and if you're having the BBL, I suggest you stay in Sydney for three weeks. During that period. you’ll have massages with our physiotherapist who will remove the fluid out of you. And you'll also have some drains in which will need to be removed. We recommend that you stay close to our clinic in Double Bay where the majority of the massages will happen. Our hospital is about five minutes away from that, but you only come to the hospital just for the surgery. So, we recommend that you stay in one of the hotels in Double Bay or the surrounding areas. If you're having a BBL, I recommend that you buy the BBL pillow so that when you sit on the plane, you can use that BBL pillow to ensure there's no pressure on your back.