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How to avoid fat cells from dying?

One of the possible complications of the BBL procedure is fat necrosis. Fat necrosis is basically fat cells that die off. Normally, after a procedure, about 20 percent of the fat cells die off anyway, but more than 80 percent or more survive forever. How can we decrease the risk of fat necrosis? We use gentle suctioning technique and also we reinject the fat very gently and slowly with small syringes. Also, we avoid overfilling the bum, getting the right density. Avoiding sitting on their bum after the procedure for about 2 weeks. They can sit on a chair, on the edge of the chair leaning forward, putting their weight on the back of their thighs. Or they can use a special BBL pillow which allows them to sit down, avoiding putting their body weight on the bum. Also, they will have to sleep on their tummy facing down.