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How do we get the desired size that you want?

In Cosmos Clinic, we provide a wide range of sizes from Sports Illustrated to Kim K. An important subject in terms of the fat injection of the buttock is about the density and the tightness of the body because that gives us information how much fat you can inject into the body, because the tight body and the butt tight body, you can't inject too much fat. Otherwise, the fat can't survive, they're gonna die. Just imagine in a tight body, if we inject hundred fat cells of the body, more than 50 of them gonna die. But if the same person if you inject less amount, like 80 fat cells, so a majority of them, more than 70 are gonna stay, stay alive. So to make accurate plan, what we ask you about your desired size and desired shape and then we assess your buttock density and the tightness. And then we assess how much fat we can inject to the body to create that desired look. And if we couldn't make it at the first session, we usually do it later on after two, three months apart.