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Can under eye filler give you a puffy face?

This week we’ve had a few questions regarding under eye filler and whether the result after having it can give you puffy or a swollen under eye area. And the answer is that yes, sometimes this can happen and primarily it happens if the under eye area is treated and you're not really a very suitable candidate for it. Because if you don't have a deep tear trough there the product really doesn't have anywhere to sit into. So what I’d recommend is that if the under eye area is of concern to you come in and have a consultation and we’ll go through why you may be seeing this area as being a problem and give you some options with regards to treating it. Sometimes we can directly treat the tear trough itself but sometimes we have to treat the mid face area and cheek to help to lift and support the tear trough. If we do it in the correct way using the correct product the outcome will be fantastic and so it only really leads to puffiness and swelling if you’re not a good candidate to begin with.