Skin Tightening – Loose Skin Treatments

Cosmos Clinic Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide & Gold Coast offer a variety of Skin Tightening Treatment options.

Quick facts about Skin Tightening

  • Loose skin can be difficult to treat. Discuss the best options with your Doctor. The best treatment will vary depending on how loose the skin is and which area is being treated.
  • For noticeable improvement of loose skin Platelet Rich Plasma and Ultraformer may be an option if the skin is not too saggy.
  • For a significant improvement you can use Vaser technology or threads to tighten skin.
  • For a more dramatic improvement you can opt for a Tummy Tuck, Facelift, Arm Lift or Thigh Lift

*Disclaimer – results may vary from patient to patient

What causes sagging skin?

Pregnancy is a major cause of loose skin where the skin has been stretched beyond its normal elasticity. Ageing, extreme weight loss, genetics and long-term exposure to UV rays are also major factors in causing loss of elasticity in skin. These factors can cause major damage to collagen fibres and reduce the number of fibroblasts (the cells that produce collagen fibres).  As a result, skin starts to sag. Unfortunately age and genetics are factors which we cannot control.

Can diet and exercise help with sagging skin?

Keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water as well as a balanced diet with minimal sugars is terrific for skin quality in general. Increasing muscle can help to build a tight layer under the skin, reducing a sagging appearance. However for any real change in sagging skin, technological intervention is required.

Treatment options to tighten skin

Procedures to tighten the skin can be separated into two options:

Non-Surgical Options – for subtle results

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP): PRP is blood plasma that contains a high concentration of platelets which activate collagen production in the skin. Platelets are a specialised cell involved in injury healing and cell regeneration that contain your own natural growth factors and stem cells. It is a simple, safe procedure where blood is taken (just like any other blood test), and then spun in a centrifuge machine. This allows the blood to separate and the platelet rich plasma to be extracted. This plasma is then reinjected into the areas to be treated with a fine needle. The plasma stimulates your skin to produce more collagen  which helps to improve the skin texture while at the same time tightening the skin. For full skin rejuvenation the optimal concentration of plasma is 6 to 8 times the amount found in your blood. Cosmos Clinic utilises the cutting edge Harvest® Technologies PRP System, which yields 8 times the amount of plasma found naturally in blood. Generally 3 treatments are needed one month apart for optimal results (* Results may vary from patient to patient).
  • Ultraformer:  The Ultraformer promotes non-surgical face lifting and skin tightening to a number of problem areas, including the face, neck, body, legs and arms. It uses focused Ultrasound energy to stimulate new collagen production to tighten and lift the skin. It uses very similar technology to ultherapy but is a less painful and cheaper procedure.

Surgical Options – minimally invasive – for significant results

The proliferation of vasers and new technology in the cosmetic industry have brought about new methods of treatment that are minimally invasive, effective and provide dramatic results. The following treatments are available at Cosmos Clinic:

  • Vaser Skin Tightening: The treatment involves the use of a thin probe that is placed just below the surface of the skin. The vaser energy heats up the all important “collagen fibres” causing them to instantaneously contract resulting in a tightening effect on the skin. Improvements continue for three to six months after the treatment. The vaser also helps to melt fat cells which are then removed. Vaser Skin Tightening can be combined with Vaser Liposuction for body contouring for a more dramatic change if fat still exists in the area of treatment.


* Results may vary from patient to patient

  • Silhouette Soft Thread Lift: This procedure can be used in the face to improve saggy skin in the cheeks or jowls.
  • iGuide Neck Lift:  This walk in-walk out procedure is ideal for treating loose skin in the neck. Done under light sedation, a unique pattern is sutured into the neck area through tiny discreet punctures and then tightened. The iGuide treatment requires 2-5 days off work.

These procedures are minimally invasive and performed as a day procedure. Twilight sedation is used, tiny incision points are made in the treatment area, and the patient is able to walk after the procedure. There is minimal risk of burning, as the temperature of the skin is continuously monitored. Recovery time is also minimal as there is less pain, swelling and bruising(* Results may vary from patient to patient).  These procedures are also effective as a treatment for cellulite and can be used in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma.

How do I know which approach is best for me?

It is important to determine what type of results you want and to have realistic expectations. Non-invasive options of any kind are for subtle changes. If you are looking for drastic changes, invasive options will provide results more in line with your expectations.

What areas can be treated with Vaser Skin Tightening?

Just about any area that needs skin tightening can be suitable for Vaser Skin Tightening. We find that Vaser Skin Tightening is extremely effective for sagging necks and fat around the chin and face, for mum’s who want to get their pre-baby tummy back and also for under the arms (Bat Wings).

I have extreme amounts of skin. Will any of these treatments be effective?

It is important to have a doctor to assess your areas and the amount of skin. It may be that a surgical approach be a better option for you. These include an Arm Lift, Thigh LiftTummy Tuck or Facelift. These procedures are performed under general anaesthesia. As with any surgical procedure, incision lines are required and will be noticeable. There are however, effective topical gels and creams on the market than can help the appearance and healing of scars. The benefits of removing excess skin however generally outweigh this downside to surgical lifts.

What are the costs of skin tightening treatments?

The cost of a consultation is $150-$220. Prices for non-invasive skin tightening start from $400 per session. Prices for invasive options start from $4,400.

Locations for skin tightening

Your initial skin tightening consultation can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics in Double Bay – Sydney, Deakin – Canberra, North Adelaide – Adelaide or Benowa – Gold Coast.


Do not use this website as a substitute for medical advice or self or other diagnosis. Seek the advice of a medical practitioner.
The examples, predictions, and results offered on this website vary from individual to individual. Results take time. They can be seen in as little as 6 weeks. This time may vary considerably depending on each individual. 6 weeks is a typical example. Results are effected by a number of factors, predominantly the way in which a patient follows instructions post surgery and the manner in which the patient behaves generally post surgery. Diet and exercise play an important part in the health and well being of a patient and in the maintenance of their body shape. Results will also vary purely based on the general make up of each patient and whether they have had surgery previously.