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The most advanced fillers on the market, deliver smooth and natural results with no swelling!

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Are you suffering with wrinkles under the eyes or do you want to get rid of lines around the mouth? These common concerns as well as upper lip wrinkles and smile lines, can all be treated with the latest dermal fillers.. These new and improved dermal fillers deliver superior results and last longer than ever before!

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Cosmos Clinic patient wanting a natural softening of upper lip wrinkles.

What areas can Thick Dermal Fillers treat?

Thick Dermal Fillers can be used to treat the following areas:

  • Lines around the mouth;
  • Lines under the eyes;
  • Upper lip wrinkles;
  • Marionette lines;
  • Lips; and
  • Nasolabial folds.

Are Thick Dermal Fillers for me?

At  Cosmos Clinic we only inject the highest quality products from the worlds largest producer of anti-ageing injections. These new Dermal Fillers are a softer, smoother gel that allow for easier injection and are made from  a naturally occurring substance found in the body. These Thick Dermal Fillers contain Vycross (TM), a unique patented technology that uses an innovative gel. They are designed to offer natural, long lasting results, minimal swelling and a reduced risk of bruising.

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Cosmos Clinic patient wanting a natural softening of upper lip wrinkles.

Will it hurt?

Numbing cream and ice are used to numb the area before using Thick Dermal Fillers.  Both of these dermal fillers contain a built in anaesthetic, so there is little to no discomfort.

How long do the results last and is there any downtime?

Results will be evident immediately. Due to the innovative Vycross (TM) techonolgy, results from These Dermal Fillers last longer than alternative fillers used to treat the same areas. Further you can anticipate such minimal swelling and reduced risk of bruising that you can go back to work or go out on the same day as having your lips done!

What is the cost of Thick Dermal Fillers?

The cost of an initial consultation at any of our Cosmetic Clinics  is $120, which is fully redeemable back when you go ahead with a treatment. The cost of Thick Dermal Fillers starts from $700.

Thick Dermal Filler locations

Your initial consultation can be undertaken at one of our cosmetic clinics in Double Bay – Sydney, Deakin – Canberra or North Adelaide – Adelaide.

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