Stem Cells: The New Breast Enlargement Miracle?

Just when you thought you’d heard all there was to know about stem cells, Cosmos Clinic’s own Dr Joseph Ajaka this week appeared on an episode of Channel Seven’s Morning Show to break a new story about the use of the tiny miracle workers in breast enlargement.

As Joseph will tell you, while Australians are now fairly comfortable with the idea of ‘implants’, there are many countries around the world that use very different methods for breast enlargement. One of these, known as Fat Transfer, is a procedure where a doctor takes a quantity of fat from one part of a patient’s body (often the hips or the tummy), then uses it to enlarge and enhance the patient’s breasts. Though not common in several Western countries, the Japanese have been successfully using the Fat Transfer method for over 20 years. The only downside to the procedure, however, is that no matter how carefully these doctors move fat from one part of a patient’s body to her breasts, a large percentage of these fat cells inevitably die off within weeks of the procedure. This means that no matter how good a patient’s breasts look immediately the transfer, the results simply don’t last.

As Joseph explained on the Morning Show, the good news is that just recently a company called Cytori found a way to combine this traditional fat transfer procedure with stem cells, which not only help keep the transferred fat alive, but also increase the density of the fat cells themselves to ensure a more beautiful, youthful, and long-lasting result. The other obvious advantage to this Cytori Fat Transfer method is that because the procedure uses only the patient’s own fat, the resulting enhanced breasts look, move, and feel completely natural.

Unfortunately the method is not yet approved for use in Australia. As Dr Ajaka will tell you, there are still unknowns about whether the procedure has any influence on the development of breast cancer (either good or bad) because the technology is simply too new. However, if it does get the all clear, you can be sure that Joseph and the team at Cosmos will be the first to perfect this exciting new procedure and bring it to their clients.