Dr Ajaka Attends Australia-first FaceTite Procedure

Cosmos Clinic’s own Dr Joseph Ajaka was one of just seven top cosmetic physicians flown to the sunny Gold Coast this month for an invitation-only event: the first ever FaceTite procedure to be performed in Australia.

Joseph (joined by Dr Chris Lee, head of our new Canberra clinic) watched intently as renowned Canadian physician, Dr Stephen Muholland, performed the minimally invasive procedure, which channels highly-concentrated energy through a pair of high-tech tongs deep below the surface the skin. Through several precise sweeps with these tongs, Dr Mulholland caused his patient’s skin to tighten and tone almost instantly.

Apart from the non-invasive design of the technology, Dr Ajaka was impressed by the fact the FaceTite procedure does not target the epidermis or ‘outer layer’ of a patient’s skin, which means virtually no down time after a treatment. And, as Joseph will tell you himself, the only thing better than the lack of downtime was the results: an astounding 40% improvement in skin appearance and quality in under an hour.

After the conference, the sunny Gold Coast turned less than sunny, with a major storm shutting down all flights indefinitely. So, he and several other doctors bundled into a cab for Brisbane Airport, all so they could make it back to work the next day. It just goes to show there’s nothing Joseph won’t do to bring the very latest in cosmetic technologies to Cosmos’s valued clients first.