Cool Sculpting – Amazing New Fat Reduction Technology

Amazing new fat reduction technology from Harvard University USA is now available at Cosmos Clinic.

This ingenious way of non invasive fat reduction has been spreading like wild fire across the USA and Europe and is revolutionising the way both Doctors and patients approach and treat permanent fat reduction.

This new technique is designed to target those stubborn areas of fat that are difficult to shift with diet and exercise alone, namely the tummy, love handles and the upper back rolls. Obviously this would not be a replacement for a healthy lifestyle but it is ideal substitute for those who feel they could do with loosing a few centimetres and don’t want to have liposuction. The technology is continuing to improve and we will soon be able to treat other areas of the body as the machine adapts.

The treatment is simple, safe and very effective!

Cool Sculpting doesn’t actually freeze the fat but only lowers the temperature to change the fat from a liquid to a solid, similar to refrigerating butter. This destroys the fat cells slowly so that they can safely be processed by the body, similar to how you process fat that you eat.

The treatment is done in 1 hour with no discomfort, no downtime and from as little as $1000 per session.

Dr Ajaka of Cosmos Clinic has dubbed this technology ‘The best thing since Anti Wrinkle Injections!!’ and we at Cosmos Clinic cannot wait to see the results for ourselves.

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