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Breast surgery is a surgical procedure to enhance or reduce the size or shape of a woman’s breast or to reduce the volume of a man’s chest. Some of the reasons for considering breast surgery may include:

  • Breast Enlargement: To enhance the body contour for women who feel their breast size may be too small.
  • Breast Lift: To improve the shape of the breast for women who feel their breasts have lost elasticity and volume due to weight gain or breastfeeding.
  • Breast Reduction: Remove excess glandular tissue for women who feel their breast size is too large.
  • Gynaecomastia Surgery: Breast surgery to reduce or remove “Man Boobs” by the removal of excess of glandular tissue in men who feel that their breast size is too large.

What is Breast Surgery?

The type of breast surgery will be determined by the condition that is being treated.

Breast enlargement surgery usually involves the placement of implants that are surgically inserted using one of three techniques. An incision can be made either underneath the breast, around the lower edge or the areola or within the armpit. The technique best suited to your body will be discussed with the doctor at your breast enlargement surgery consultation. Find out more about Breast Enlargement Surgery.

Breast lift surgery usually involves the removal of sections of slack and redundant skin and will only change the shape of the breast, not the size. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia or deep sedation and takes approximately 2 hours. Find out more about Breast Lift Surgery.

Breast reduction surgery usually involves the removal of excess glandular tissue during a surgical procedure carried out under general anaesthetic. The procedure time is typically 2-3 hours and involves a 1-2 night stay in hospital. Find out more about Breast Reduction Surgery.

Gynaecomastia surgery to treat “man boobs” usually involves a general anaesthetic and an incision being created around the underside of the nipple.  Once the incision has been made the surgeon will physically remove the glandular tissue. Once the tissue has been removed the incision will be closed up with a series of small stitches. In many cases this will be a day procedure and will require about 1 weeks rest. The incisions will fade to a fine line within 6-12 months depending on your skin type. Find out more about Breast Surgery for “Man Boobs”.

In Summary…

Breast Surgery can provide some excellent benefits in terms of your physical health and self-worth as well as your emotional wellbeing. You should ensure that you fully understand the procedure and ask lots of questions whilst you are deciding whether this is the right solution for you. It is a significant medical procedure performed by expert plastic surgeons under general anaesthetic in a surgical environment. Recovery can take some time and you should plan for this. There are some risks to consider and you should also understand that further surgery may be required at a later stage to remove or replace implants. Finally, the decision should be yours and yours only however, having made the right decision for you, you will be on the path to joining the hundreds of women and men who undergo breast surgery every year who are delighted with the results.