Cosmos provides liposuction and fat transfer procedures. We have a strict ‘no cutting’ policy.

Our doctors, while experienced in liposuction and fat transfer procedures, do not hold the title of ‘surgeons’. It is our strong and public position that we support the use of that title by FRACS members only as we fully understand and respect the extensive study and specialist training undertaken by these doctors.

Cosmos has been working with the relevant authorities for many years to identify areas for improvement and proposing solutions to be applied to all cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons performing cosmetic procedures in Australia. Tonight’s 60 Minutes programme and articles published in various newspapers touched on some of these issues particularly in relation to mega-liposuction and the failure of some cosmetic doctors to provide appropriate post-operative care.

We acknowledge the harm suffered by some of Dr Ahmadi’s former patients, especially Kiesha Amoah. We are legally prevented from commenting on the circumstances surrounding the termination of the employment of Dr Ahmadi and his team as well as our role in having conditions placed on Dr Ahmadi’s registration. We are sorry that this occurred and want to assure the public that we investigated and acted as soon as we became aware of the allegations against him.

All medical procedures carry risk and Cosmos have extensive protocols in place to ensure that patients are informed of those risks before they decide to undergo any procedure. Also, like all medical procedures, the desired result cannot always be achieved for a range of reasons. Because of the risks associated with medical procedures there will always be some, amongst the thousands of other satisfied patients, who have disappointing outcomes. In order to minimise those outcomes, Cosmos implements the highest of standards of clinical governance across each of its clinics.

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, performed by various cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons in Australia, has its risks, which are clearly communicated to our patients.

The challenges facing the industry are complex and nuanced – they require careful and expert exposition – and cannot be reduced to tabloid reporting. We intend to focus our efforts where they will have the greatest impact – continued engagement with regulators. Cosmos is in the final stages of a review of its own guidelines for the performance liposuction and fat transfer procedures. We intend to submit our recommendations to each state and territory health authority for adoption across the industry.